Announcement   WOW After a couple craft shows, my inventory is low, low, low. YIKES better get cracking on some gorgeous new products........


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WOW After a couple craft shows, my inventory is low, low, low. YIKES better get cracking on some gorgeous new products........


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I am Happy Helga.

Here is my story:

It all started with Barbies, I think. While my little friends were playing house with their dolls, I was designing clothes for mine. Then came private school, where I needed knee-length dresses (not so easy when you're a 5'9" seventh-grader....) So I began sewing my own skirts. And dresses. And gym cullotes (yes, that's an actual thing.) Then as an adult, I began designing baby shower gifts. Baby bags, baby blankets - anything that I could create from scratch. It was more than a hobby. It was therapy. Really fun therapy. :) Then I discovered some friends who were even crazier than I was. Enter Joyce & Wendy:

Joyce is my sewing guru. Several years ago, we both attended a baby shower for our friend. My gift was a baby bag that I had designed & sewn. As the gift was passed around the room, it came to Joyce. She looked at the bag, then looked at me. Then she said with great earnestness: "We need to talk!" So we tossed around the idea of selling items that I designed & she created. But life seemed to get away from us, and the plan was pigeon-holed.

Then I met Wendy. She came to a New Year's Eve party....with her crocheting basket. While I gabbed & played ping-pong in the game room, she sat by the fire. And crocheted. And crocheted. And taught my girls to crochet. And crocheted some more. She explained to me that for years she had designed & crocheted baby hats and donated them to the local hospital for newborns. Recently she had begun to sell a few. So she showed me some pictures of her work. I was a changed woman.

So today we three ladies have come together to offer some happy little gifts on etsy. I design the bags that Joyce sews. Joyce designs & sews our burp cloths. (And she was recently accepted as a juried member of the New Hampshire League of Craftsmen - YAY JOYCE!) Wendy lies awake at night devising new hat designs & color combinations. You can often see me at our local fabric store, pouring over textiles and murmuring ridiculous exclamations such as "oh I could jut eat that..." I also design and operate this etsy site, design our promotional materials, maintain a behind-the-scenes blog ( and love every minute of it. I hope you love owning our gifts as much as we loved making them!

"Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come..." Proverbs 31:25

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  • Helga

    Owner, Designer, Creator

    I am HappyHelga's shop owner. I get to play with textiles, colors, graphics, photographs, fonts, bright paper packages tied up with.... well, you get the idea. I hope our shop makes you happy, too!

  • Wendy

    Creator, Designer

    Lil Noggins' creator, Wendy, is a woman obsessed. The rate at which she churns out fresh new ideas is mind-boggling. Her baby hats are tiny works of art. Own one of them, and you own something that was loved before it was even made.

  • Joyce

    Creator, Designer

    Joyce is a juried member of the New Hampshire League of Craftsmen. Her workmanship is polished, her attention to detail unsurpassed. She creates baby gifts under her sew_happy70 label, and handbags for Happy Helga. Joyce is our superhero.

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