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~Until further notice, each order will include a FREE Herkimer Diamond Quartz!~

I am an artist of all kinds, Mom to a sweet baby boy, and lover of things that make people feel beautiful! I do everything here in the shop: creating, shipping, marketing, managing, customer service, etc, with a little help from my husband-to-be every now and then. I enjoy knowing that all around the world people are loving the pieces I make and the parts of myself that I put in them!

Please read the rest of this message and all of the information in the listings you want before a purchase, and then message me if you have any further questions. I value quick communication and would love to hear from you!

Thank you for visiting. You are awesome! :)

With love and gratitude,
Elena Huerta
Multidimensional Creatress at HappyMedium4eco

I love custom orders! It gives me great pleasure to make items that are one of a kind and with a single person in mind. :)

If you have a stone or crystal that you are interested in having me wirewrap I would be honored to do so! To take something so special and make it into jewelry gives me a fuzzy feeling in my heart like no other! Please message me to discuss a design and get a shipping address.

For all custom orders I require that the order be placed before the necklace is made. If we discuss a creation through messages, I will send you a link to place your order once the design aspects are figured out. If you are not able to make the full payment at once, I will ask you to make at least a 1/2 payment for me to get started on the creation process (it may be more if there are higher costs for the materials I need.)

If I am holding certain stones for you and do not see you order placed within 1 week, I will message you to check in. If I do not receive a reply within the 2 days following, I will hide the listing and open the stone up for others to purchase/custom order. If something comes up *please* do not hesitate to message me! I am very understanding and aim to keep our lines of communication open as best that I can. :)

You can look through my store, and visit the Gallery on my website to get a taste of my art and style. If you like specific things I've done I will incorporate some of the same elements into your personal creations. :) If you have any questions about design materials please message me at any point! I'd love go hear from you and do the best to answer your questions!

Timelines for custom work can be different. If I have the materials on hand it will be ready within 5-7 days. If I am ordering or purchasing supplies I have to account for processing times of doing so and this will add to the time of completion. Please ask about a timeframe if you would like your personalized creation by a certain date. :)


I reuse, recycle, and use natural materials at every opportunity; I am finding new avenues for doing these things every day! All materials that are purchased new, are done so from sustainable or family business sources. I specifically source out all materials with an intention to support community and the Earth. Each creation is meant to inspire creativity, consciousness, and love in each life of every friend and client!

Ecofriendly Highlights:
*Non-metal chains use either natural or black hemp, blue or green organic cotton, or faux suede. All are purchased from Etsy or fair trade sellers.
*All silver wire is purchased from Rio Grande. They recycled and remelt old items to make new materials, while using sustainable power like wind and solar in their facilities!
*The majority of crystals are found at a family owned crystal shop near my home or purchased from miners, other family owned businesses, and friends.
*Any non-crystal charms and beads are upcycled from broken or vintage jewelry.
*All Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold chains are purchased from a local, family owned jewelry supply store.

You can search "SALE" in the store to find specific items that have been marked down. They are done so individually at various amounts and percentages. <3 These items cannot be returned, so please message me if you have questions before you buy them! :)

I will reserve items for up to 1 week, any longer I need a deposit of 1/2 the full amount. We will decide on a date of purchase and if I do not hear from you on that date I will message you. If I don't hear back within 2 days I will unreserve the listing. If something comes up *please* do message me and let me know - I am very flexible and kind to work with!

Items are generally packaged and in the mailbox within 1-2 days unless discussed by us or announced. Any announcement of delayed shipping will be made at the very top of this message. If you have a time that you need something by and are worried it may not arrive in time, let me know and I'll prioritize your order to be ready ASAP. This is not a guarantee of on time arrival, and that will be judged on a case by case basis. I can check shipping times or get a quote for faster shipping if requested!

All regular orders are shipped USPS priority shipping for domestic and international purchases through the Etsy shipping service. You can add insurance or required delivery signature to any order and are responsible for any additional costs of doing so.

I am not responsible for any lost creations, but I may cover damages depending in the circumstances. I package each creation based on how fragile it is, and do my best to make sure items arrive safely!

Returns can be made on purchases excluding custom creations and sale items. Message me first to discuss the issue (maybe we can come to a resolution there) and if a return is able to be made I will send you my address. When I receive the item, I will immediately refund you the amount of the item. The cost of shipping it to you originally is not refunded in these cases.

Refunds are available for all creations excluding custom orders and sale items. Please message me and let me know you would like one. I'll give you my address to ship the item back, and once received I will refund your purchase, minus the cost of shipping it to you.

Exchanges are applicable for all items excluding custom orders and sale items if you are not happy with what you've received. Message me to discuss what you would like to exchange for and we will work out the price differences! The price of shipping the creation to you does not apply toward the exchange.

Let me know if you have any questions: communicate, communicate, communicate! :)

Repairs are considered on a case by case basis. To know exactly how sturdy a creation is and what you are getting, ask specific questions about your concerns beforehand. Certain materials may fade faster than others, and some materials are extremely sensitive to elements such as water, heat, and sunlight. Some items may be more tougher than others because of the design and materials. I will be as upfront as possible and do my best to answer questions with honesty based on experiences of myself and others!

Repairs or rewrapping is charged either a full or discount amount unless there is faulty design on my part. Specifically wirewrapped creations, the wire can snap if it is twisted too far or played with a lot. I never recommend tightening or tampering with the designs, and the best way to know an exact issue is to discuss sending a creation back as is to be adjusted. If I don't see proof of a faulty design, I won't offer a free repair. (If the design is faulty I will refund the shipping costs you paid and cover the return shipment.) Please consider that wire embellishments may get caught on knits, hair, loose clothing, etc. and only purchase a design like this if you are comfortable with that - if this happens it is not considered a faulty design because these are added for character! :)

Feedback of all kinds is appreciated! It helps me to help you and my other customers. Good feedback helps motivate me to keep creating - I read these when I need a dose of inspiration and reminder why I create! Negative feedback can be constructive, but I'd appreciate a message to resolve any issues before negative comments are left publicly. This section of my shop is very important to me and the well being of my home business. I try my best to make sure that you are satisfied with your experience here! I'm not one of those businesses that you try to talk to and never get an answer (I've definitely been frustrated with this before, even here on Etsy.) Regardless if there is a way I can help you, and practically every time I can, I will ALWAYS answer your message.

Note: Items that are upcycled may have signs of wear adding to their vintage appeal. If a material has been upcycled it will say so in the description, but if you have any specific questions please ask!

Crystals may vary in size and color, every single one is different. If you request a custom order based on a picture of my artwork that you've seen, these aspects may vary.

With items available in the store, I do my best to capture the true colors and beauty in each piece. If any photo editing techniques are used, it is only to bring out a feature that the camera did not capture well. Very few pictures are taken for artistic purposes, but if you are curious or would like to see something from a certain angle do not hesitate to ask!

The healing properties of crystals and advice for use are given for knowledge based purposes and I am not to be help liable for any misuse, misconduct, medical decisions, misinterpretations, or harm that comes from using them. I provide the information for each person to learn and use as they wish!



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