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5 months

Just listed this beauty!

7 months

I just received a shipment of these rare Vera Cruz Amethyst! Most of them are available for custom orders - feel free to message me if you are interested heart_eyes_cat

7 months

I love designing custom orders!

9 months

How freaking gorgeous is this custom bracelet heart_eyes I started up the blog on my website again, and you can see the creation process of this piece there with pictures blue_heartraised_handsskin-tone-3blue_heart . Online Store: HappyMedium4eco.Etsy.com . Website: HappyMedium4eco.Etsy.com

1 year

Need some more bohemian beauty in your life? This heart_eyes I'm loving the crystal creation paired with my new striped dress! two_hearts sparklesHerkimer Diamondsparkles ~Brings one’s energy to highest vibration possible while still being in the physical body ~Found in Herkimer, NY