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Anne Quinn, Crosses From The Sea, is a member of Coastal Alabama Business Chamber.

These are hats that don't hurt your head or mess up your hair and are made by "AN ARTIST WITH YARN", originally from Castle Rock, Colorado, who invites you to her world of creative yarns. My husband (of 54 years) and I have moved to Orange Beach, Alabama, where we are no longer snow birds, but are now permanent residents. My original handmade hats, scarves, wraps and headbands are created by only the artist. There are no patterns or directions here, just one-of-a-kind products created with lots of love and artistic ability. I was totally surprised after the first and second and third hat and for everything thereafter, it's just plain joy with everything I make. My discovery of the talent came after retiring from a 31-year teaching career. I've been given a remarkable talent that appeared at age 65 and it's still going. " An Artist with Yarn" has been and is at work here. We are all promised certain gifts from God...don't stop looking for yours.

All of the hats and scarves are easy maintenance. Suggested care: Hand wash or use delicate cycle with cold water. Hats or scarves should be washed alone. Lay flat for drying. Do not dry clean unless specifically suggested. Always treat your beautiful creation with gentle love.

Since my hats are made with no patterns, I use my own head as the model for each hat and my head measurement is 22". All the hats fit nicely. Also, I have a line of hats for chemo patients; you can order the color you prefer and I do duplicate only these hats. The European slouch hats can be worn on any adult female head size as they are made to ride on your head at your own discretion. Because crochet is such a forgiving creative product, crochet hats do not fit with the exact precision as do hats of different fabric. It isn't necessary to be exact in measurement. Expansion and contraction are the secrets to great crochet. Crochet hats are the most comfortable and well fitting hats made. You will be very pleased with how wonderful the hat fits and you can make it into your own personal "style of wearing".

Happy customers report their hat is the best quality, best style and most comfortable hat they've ever owned.

Hats and scarves have been mailed successfully to Italy, Ireland, Australia, Spain and Canada.


CROSSES FROM THE SEA began in January, 2015. "AN ARTIST WITH SEASHELLS" is at work here. Living on the beach and realizing all the beautiful shells created by God that wash ashore, I felt that they needed to be recreated into inspiring, one of a kind, handcrafted sculptured Crosses. Each Cross is sculptured with only naturally broken shells found by the artist on the beach in Orange Beach, Alabama. The shells are used as found. Each Cross has a natural hole for making the Cross a wall hanging UNLESS IT IS A STANDING CROSS. ALL CROSSES MAKE BEAUTIFUL TABLE DECORATIONS AND LOVELY GIFTS. These Crosses are created to represent a broken life that is recreated into a complete and beautiful whole. There are no molds nor frames, each Cross is sculptured from the naturally broken seashells. The Crosses are so beautifully sculptured, they resemble fine china.

This new venture, much like the hats, is totally inspired by God. Look for your talents, we all have them, we just don't often look for them as carefully as we should.


My home is smoke free.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.