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Welcome to my Etsy Hat Shop!

Pre-Summer Sale!!!

For my Etsy customers only, and for a limited time on a trial basis, I am currently marking down about twenty some of my warm season hats to make room. I have chosen these hats for price reduction due to reasons such as size, or end of fabric availability. These hats are in pristine condition, have never been worn, and stand up to my quality standards. All of these hat styles remain in my collection. These significantly reduced prices apply only to the hats listed in my Pre-Summer Clearance section, and not for custom requests for the same hat style. Additionally, I offer a 10% discount if you purchase two or more of my Pre-Summer Clearance hats. I will also ship two hats per box, and will reduce shipping accordingly. Please drop me an e-mail if you will be purchasing more than one of these sale hats and I will adjust the prices accordingly before your purchase. All purchases of the hats in this section of my shop are final sales.

All of my “Everyday Living” hats are handcrafted by me with attention to design, detail and quality. I have about 100 hat designs in my complete collection, but all are not listed in my Etsy Hat Shop. I like to keep my Etsy listings to about 50 hats to avoid confusion, and I post hats seasonally in accordance with the weather in parts of the northern hemisphere. Each “ready to wear” listed in my Etsy Hat Shop is available for immediate purchase.

Each of my designs has a " first name" which serves as my product ID. I remember each hat style by name and that just makes things easier .Once a hat is designed and named, I never change the design name. (ok – once I did, but I had a very good reason). Each hat style name is always cut from the same pattern. When I design a hat, after the beta test, I cut the pattern for the hat in three sizes, from which I can work to accommodate various women’s head sizes. Please note, however, that my felted hat styles are never exactly the same. It's impossible to completely control what happens to the hat in the felting process. I wish.

About Head Sizes

There are no “one size fits all” hats in my collection. Hat sizes are like shoe sizes. Women’s head sizes range from 20” to about 25”, with the average woman’s head size being 22-1/2”. Most of the “ready to wear” hats listed in my Etsy Hat Shop are sized at the average 22-1/2”, but very often I often make custom hats for women who have smaller or larger heads. To learn more about measuring your head size go to delphydesigns.com/sizeup
Knowing your headsize is key to a good hat fit! It is very important when purchasing a hat.

About Custom Order Requests

Custom orders require collaboration and good communications.

If you see a hat that you like, but need a different size, please send me an Etsy e-mail and let me know about your request. I may not have the materials to exactly duplicate the hat style in your size, but often I can. I will respond to your request promptly. Sometimes I buy an entire bolt of fabric, but often I buy a remnant or several yards. Yarns come and go, much to my dismay. Tthere are two things that I will not do in the area of custom orders. I will not shop for fabric, especially prints, that are sometimes a figment of one’s imagination. I use a lot of standard fabrics that are readily available to me if I don’t already have them on hand. It never hurts to ask, however. The only other thing that I will not do for online custom orders is to design a new hat that does not already exist in my collection. A fairly complete catalogue of my designs is available for viewing on my website delphydesigns.com. If you do find a style you like on my website, which style is not listed in my Etsy Shop, please drop me an Etsy e-mail about the hat. Just tell me the hat’s name, and I will know which hat you are speaking about. It is not my intention to circumvent the Etsy system of selling by diverting my Etsy customers elsewhere. I have many, many designs to choose from….brimmed, berets, pillboxes, cloches, trappers, caps, shells and even headwraps. I find that when a customer describes their ideal hat, I usually have the hat design in my collection. Suggestions, ideas and inquiries are always welcomed though. I would love to hear from you! I love my Etsy customers!

For more information about payment, shipping, refunds and exchanges, packability, care and storage, please see my shop policies.

Thank you for your interest, support, and for stopping by my shop.


Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA