hauntedfoxdesigns' Shop Announcement

Your identity is not mass-produced- and your jewelry and artwork shouldn't be, either. Why not treat yourself or someone else to a one-of-a-kind, customized gift? Haunted Fox Jewelry and Design is the trade name of a self-representing artisan and collaborators working out of Connecticut and Guatemala. All proceeds directly benefit the artists and their life-sustaining work in climate chage adaptation for family farms.

I am Rachael, the owner of the shop. With over 20 years of experience, my personal goal is to create high quality, unique one-of-a-kind gifts and treasures that will last. I delight in working with your individual style and personality and color scheme to try to make a piece that reflects you. My prices are affordable, and my designs are our own.

My partners and I work in paint, pencil, mosaic, photography, gemstone, pearl, wire, seed beads, lace, glass, leather, porcelein, and polymer clay. Inspiration comes from all over the map: wildflowers, natural settings, books, personalities, artwork, stones on the beach, landscapes, world cultures, antique shops, stories, dreams, birds, and the stones themselves that call out to me.

You will find off-the-tourist grid intimate shots into the heart of the Guatemalan Maya world in our shop. You will find beautiful beadwoven pieces. Broken china mosaic. Custom portraits. Animal portraits. Art glass, gemstone and vintage inspired works. Modern styles. Minimalist and Victorian.

So have a favorite stone, or coin, or flower? Want something to reflect your aura, or a power piece? Want something for a wedding, a quincienera, or a special gift? You can see more of my work, including custom orders, on my Facebook page. Come check us out!

As the owner/ artist, I live and work in both the US and in Guatemala, splitting my time between the two countries, with a studio in each. In my other non-artist life, I am a scientist, social entrepreneur, writer, and economist. I help some of the world's most vulnerable people adapt their family farms to climate change pressure.

ALL the proceeds from Haunted Fox direclty support the individual artists wiorking with me and support our work in climate change. None of my porducts, even the ones made by my small team of Guatemalan associates, are produced under anything remotely resembling mass-market conditions. I partner with them because it is the only chance they have for making a living off of their own creative artistic ability, as there is little to no funding or support for fine arts in Central America. When you buy from us, you support my climate change research, and you directly support individual artists.