what if there exist a magical place?
Lazy days and Sundays..heartspeak celebrates the smiles, tears and memories Our devoted friends bring to our journey
an old tattered photograph of my mother holding her beloved cat TitTat....my mom and I shared a love for strays
as animal lovers many of us share similar stories... our journeys connect more than we know
authentic, handdrawn from photo reference(courtesy of artists of flickr.com this one from yosser other sources as noted)

how good it feels to be loved, just because

I’ve always loved animals. Especially saving strays. Those that lost their way and that nobody else wanted.
When I was 10 or so, I used to sit for hours and talk to our cocker spaniel Sandy. He was our first dog and I loved him dearly. This was sometime ago, when dogs and cats were relegated to the outside, ( at least in our house )… so I would have to go out on the porch to sit with Sandy, sometimes in the coldest of the Midwest winters, but oh.... it didn’t matter. Sandy listened to me when nobody else did. ..he listened to me when I cried, as I told him that grandma died, or that my father wasn’t coming back home, or simply in my excitement at Christmas when I ran outside to show Sandy what Santa had brought..
From that time on I always had a dog or a cat as a part of my journey.. .. I always felt that our beloved best friends are guides in someway… that they take us to a magical place... a childlike place of lightheartedness … understanding.. and spontaneity …

Unlike a traditional blank notecard...
heartspeak’s personalized and novel concept as far as its pet bereavement collection ( IN SPIRIT ), is not one of sympathy but empathy. It is also a celebration of the spirit ( or essence ) of the animal companion and also a tribute to the guardian/owner and their special journey shared with a beloved best friend...... heartspeak's concept is very much woven from the quote that says: " don't cry because it's over.... smile because it ( the journey ) happened".....heartspeak is A heartfelt opportunity to sincerely say; ‘ I really do understand’

heartspeak’s personalized JOURNEY collection ( a collection for guardians/owners who are CURRENTLY sharing a special journey with a beloved friend )… is a heartfelt opportunity to sincerely say. “ you make a difference’….. ( send for any reason or occasion a birthday perhaps..... maybe your recipient works in rescue, or fosters, or therapy work, or takes in strays..( or simply their animal companion is their bestest buddy in the whole wide world ! )
... heartspeak is a lovely way to celebrate a journey, a life, and not just a day or age

We all wish to feel that our journey was special to someone in someway….wouldn't you agree????

The format of the messagecards is authentic , beautifully visual , oversized, the images borderless ( almost like you can walk in and become a part of the image....you know, like it's your recipient's ( or your! ) story too.. …ample space to invoke your own muse and share your heartfelt sentiment/story to your recipient..

it is from that magical, homespun place that the heartspeak collection sings…. Enter with me...

for more info about heartspeak's storybook collection and its novel concept, also Rescue support....please see my profile as well.. https://www.etsy.com/people/heartspeakmessage?ref=ls_profile
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hand drawn images from photo reference, tree free natural handmade paper, emotional and storybook personalized and novel... what a beautiful way to celebrate someone's special journey ( past and present ) with a much beloved best friend
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