heirloomwoodcarvings' Shop Announcement

Jeff has been carving for 20 years, since he was 12 years old. He began with a pocketknife and a chunk of scrap 2 x 4 while spending time in the shop with Mom and Dad, both avid woodworkers.

His grandparents gave him a carving knife and book for his birthday and he was hooked for life. Self-taught for the most part, he has developed his own unique style and methods over the years.

Each ornament shown here is an original, skillfully designed and hand turned on the wood lathe. After this basic shaping, the unique design is carefully laid out and hand carved to be truly one of a kind, created from raw wood to finished ornament by Jeff with great care, pride and love.

At the age of 14 he saw his first chainsaw carver at work and just had to try it. So all he wanted for his 15th birthday was a chain saw, every parents dream, right!?*?! Since we all love to buy toys for our kids, he got his chainsaw and all the protective gear and was lucky enough to spend some time learning the basics working with that first chainsaw carver. When he was 16 he taught a college class in chainsaw carving and has subsequently passed on what he's learned to a number of aspiring carvers. In the future, you may find some of his chainsaw sculptures here on Etsy.

In his late teens, he was priviledged to study under Wayne Barton, a world-renouned master of chip carving in the Scandinavian and Swiss styles. Chip carving is accomplished with only two knives which are specifically designed for this
traditional style of carving. Historically, chip carving designs are geometric or free form.

Custom carvings are available as signs or plaques for wedding, birth, anniversary, holiday, birthday, graduation or any other special occasion and make unique and treasured awards and trophies.

Thanks for visiting! Hope you'll return often.

(Just in case it isn't completely obvious, this announcement was written by one VERY PROUD parent!)

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