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Note from shop owner Gone fishin! back l8r. $ still being donated to charity.

Note from shop owner

Last updated on Mar 17, 2011

Gone fishin! back l8r. $ still being donated to charity.


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Last updated on March 17, 2011
The very first thing i will buy with the funds raised from hempmankc will be a charity tax id number for the convenience of my customers. :-) i have contacted the state about my intent to register for non profit status and the ball is rolling!
Im selling these bracelets for the purpose of feeding less fortunate 2nd and 3rd world children. 100 % of my share of the money is going to feed children and ill do it with my own hands and with the help of my friends.

I WILL DONATE 30% OF ALL FUNDS RAISED TO SAVETHECHILDREN.ORG. The other 70% will be used for listing costs or art supply costs for hempmankc@etsy solely. When (if) i make enough money to be able to purchase farm land, I will redirect the 30% to the farm so that i can provide FREE FOOD for children. If i have the food, if nothing else, i will drive it to mexico in a uhaul. I hope to own a cdl & 16 wheeler, though.
I can provide more food to more children by eliminating the middlemen than i could if i bought food, and i want to do the most good i can for the kids with you're donations. I have more farm experience them the average 1000 people put together see'n as how i was raised on a farm and i have seasons of organic farm experience locally here in santacruz. By eliminating the need to hire growers and distributers, By growing and distributing the food myself, Not only do i create a situation for my family to have the opportunity and conentropy to help the world as long as they want, but its also a sustainably perpetual movement towards establishing good for all in the world.

----------------------------------------------The Master Charity Plan-------------------------------------------------------
"if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, if you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime."-------Jesus
I know that some children need mosquito nets more than food, and i know some need rape counseling more than food, but I also know my limits. I am not intending to solve the crisis of abused children with hempmankc@etsy, (i have other efforts directed to do so). My intent with this charity is to bring the fruits of the field along with the information about how the children can come to the position where they too can provide for themselves and others so that they can see an example of the good works of a good man and maby emulate those works.

I will be listing how much $$ has been donated to the cause updated as often as i can. right now its
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 29 dollars $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
(not to mention how much $ i have personally invested). I WILL BE LISTING EVERYTHING PURCHASED WITH THE FUNDS FOR HEMPMANKC. Nothing has been purchased as of now.

My goal for this charity is to amass and sell art and art supplies until i can afford to buy land with the funds donated to the cause. I dont expect to be able to afford the title to the land acres for years to come, but i have invested my lifes work to getting this farm. By youre investment in my art, you will be feeding more children per dollar than any other charity, even christian childrens fund, or wic. My pay (cut, portion, etc) is the childs smile and nothing else and i will only employ volunteers with a similar motive drive.
If i fail to get enough $ in a timely manner with my art, ALL FUNDS WILL BE DONATED TO SAVETHECHILDREN.ORG and leftover art supplies will be valued and paid for in cash from my personal pocket. Every cent i spend will be donated to needy children, W I T H O U T F A I L! ! ! ! !

I will not rent land unless i've accumulated enough cash to pay for a few years of land payments and i have a continual income specified for the charity to ensure a continued operation. To solve the crisis without hypocrisy, I myself must strive for sustainability.

I would like to say this for my credibility
I will use the funds gained by all transactions on hempmankc solely to feed children or to frugally invest in equipment to grow food to feed children or move it to the children, so help me god or may my soul rot in hell forever and the government arrest me for fraud.:-)

Ive dedicated my life to farming food to feed those kids out there in places where there isnt enough food. it makes me sick that humanity has not progressed out of such an abasing state. Wild animals do as much, providing for their own while their brothers and sisters children starve. Not that i care about the brothers and sisters as much as the children, cause whatever evil the adult has done to be unable to provide for his offspring, the child is innocent and should be looked after. I also live in the land of plenty and i feel sad that american ducks eat more than some human children.

Im not sure what else to say. Ive made hemp for 7 years and i enjoy doing it. I stoped for a few months cause i didnt like the feeling i was getting when I was selling myself short. I suppose that i would just rather do things for a good cause otherwise there just isnt anything worth doing. I find self indulgence pleasurable just like everybody else but ive dedicated the etsy in my life to doing things right.

Till then, Hope you want to help!

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