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1 year

one-of-a-kind 'Cameo' silkscreen print looks right at home with these pieces, available from some of my favorite Etsy shops: ░ simple, elegant Traveller's geometric stationery from niconecozakkaya ░ quietly bold 'Pyrite' print made by shoplindsayjones

1 year

my 'Fancy Bottles' screenprint looks happy alongside these items from some of my favorite Etsy shops: ░ unique resin bangles made by thegoodmachinery ░ vintage 'Pack O' Fun' magazines available from TinselandTrinkets

3 years

A terrific photo taken by a terrific customer! I love how she floats her extensive California print collection across a sea of intense blue. This Cliffhanger screenprint is gone (they're all one-of-a-kind) but there are many others to choose from...