Go ahead, treasure your hair...

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Go ahead, treasure your hair...

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Announcement   Thank you for your interest in Hidden Gem Henna ~
Pre-order now for January 2019!
If you’re local (GTA/Wellington County), convo me for pickup or drop-off codes!
The shop has been updated with up-to-date preparation and application instructions! Enjoy :)
- Tamar


Last updated on Dec 13, 2018

Thank you for your interest in Hidden Gem Henna ~
Pre-order now for January 2019!
If you’re local (GTA/Wellington County), convo me for pickup or drop-off codes!
The shop has been updated with up-to-date preparation and application instructions! Enjoy :)
- Tamar


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Ernie here. Tamar’s on her first vacation of 2017 & asked me to let u know that orders won’t ship til OCT 31. I’ll be here if you just want to say hello. well, I hope you all have a trunktastic day! Thanks for stopping by... Ernie out! elephant

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This is a Premium Henna GemJar in the making. It is made with 100g of pure henna powder and can be frozen for later use! •Available only at local markets•

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Wondering how much henna you need for your hair? This might help! Quantities may vary depending on thickness, density and curl. The denser the hair (the more hair you have), and the curlier, the more you may need! purple_heart

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A collection of all-natural, premium, pure herbal powders that are suitable for sensitive skin and all hair types. Go ahead, treasure your hair...

I created Hidden Gem Henna through the pursuit of healthy hair care following a bad reaction to chemical hair dye. I offer fresh, Body Art Quality (BAQ), triple-sifted, 100% natural, organic, authentic Indian henna and indigo powders that contain no added chemicals (NO PPD!), are hypoallergenic and contain superior pigmenting properties to other henna products. I've taken extreme care in searching for a product that is suitable for all: individuals with skin sensitivities, individuals who are looking for chemical-free products to add to their beauty regimens, as well as anyone who is just looking to try something different! Hidden Gem Henna is designed specifically to enhance your experience with using henna for your hair. Hidden Gem Henna washes out beautifully and will leave your hair feeling smooth to the touch! Treasure your hair with Hidden Gem Henna. Also suitable for use as body art!

1. Hidden Gem Henna packet(s)
2. Wooden or plastic bowl
3. Wooden or plastic fork/spatula (or handheld mixer works great!)
4. Boiled water (hot, not scalding – don’t want to burn the plant.) or regular lemon juice (or both)
5. Cling wrap (to cover the prep bowl and your hair after you apply mix to hair)
6. Vaseline (for your hairline to prevent stains)
7. Disposable latex/nitrile or dish gloves (to protect your hands from stains)
8. Shampoo (clarifying is ideal, and baking soda if you're "no-poo")
9. Apple cider vinegar (optional – this is secondary hair rinse, to ensure cleanliness)
10. A couple old towels you don’t mind getting stained (to cover your hair, and the floor, and any other surfaces you don’t want to stain)
11. A big butterfly hair clip to section hair or hold up hair
12. A bottle of cheap conditioner – Aussie brand (moisturizing) works well and smells great!
13. Deep conditioning hair mask (optional – but this really helps the hair smell great and feel smooth afterward!)

1. Empty packet contents into bowl.
2. Using gloves, gradually add the water (and/or lemon juice) to bowl of henna and mix until you reach a yogourty, thick-soup (but not too drippy!) consistency. This may take a several minutes.
4. Cover mix and allow to sit for 6-24 hours in room temperature (this allows the dye to release in order to leave a wonderful stain on the hair). To check for successful dye release, uncover the henna mix after a few hours and look for a darker, reddish layer on the surface of the mix. if you mix it up a bit more, you’ll see the underlying mix will have a lighter green tint. This means your henna is ready to be applied! FREEZE IF planning to not use until later.

HAIR PREPARATION (1 Hour Prior to Henna/Indigo Application):
1. Shampoo hair using clarifying shampoo (or baking soda if you’re “no-poo”), rinse.
2. Optional - Rinse again, this time with apple cider vinegar (this acts as an astringent and will make sure hair is squeaky clean! Literally!).
3. Allow hair to dry at least 80%.
4. Do not apply any hair products following the hair rinse! You need squeaky clean hair for henna to stick.

1. Place a towel on the floor for protection, and protect any areas from staining.
2. Section hair using various clips or ties.
3. Using gloves, apply Vasline to hairline.
4. Using same gloves, apply henna generously to hair in sections, starting at the root to ends, ensuring that henna is covering hair strands thoroughly, top and “underneath” sections. Squeeze henna through hand and hair if you have to get it all in there. Don’t be afraid of using “too much”.
5. Once finished applying henna to hair, cover hair with cling wrap to help the dye bind with the hair. Cover wrap with a towel to add warmth and to protect from leakage.
6. Immediately clean any areas that henna may have fallen to or stained.
7. For HENNA, leave in hair for 2 hours or overnight. For INDIGO, leave in hair for 1 hour and rinse out.
8. Rinse out with conditioner only. For best results, follow up with deep-conditioning treatment.

INDIGO APPLICATION (To Be Used with Mixed Henna OR After a Henna Treatment):
1. Apply Vaseline to hairline around head.
2. Empty contents of Indigo packet into bowl. The powder should be green! This is normal. You can also add the indigo into a pre-mixed henna to achieve a brown hair color.
3.Using gloves, take mixing utensil and slowly add lukewarm water only to the indigo and mix until you reach a yogourty, thick-soup (but not too drippy!) consistency. The mix will begin to turn blue. Indigo releases its dye immediately and must be applied to hair as soon as it’s mixed.
4. Apply to hair immediately (still wearing gloves!) and leave on for one hour (Indigo has a quick demise rate and will not stain the hair well after one hour). Cover hair with cling wrap and towel.
5. Rinse with conditioner and apply optional conditioning

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    Hey there! Thanks for your interest in Hidden Gem Henna! My passion for chemical-free haircare stems from my own personal sensitivity to chemical hair dyes, as I had a pretty bad reaction several years ago. I've done a ton of research on the benefits of henna since then, and am now offering my own line of pure, chemical-free henna and indigo powders! Feel free to convo me if you have any questions about my products! :)

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Frequently asked questions
Do your products contain any chemicals?

Absolutely none. Zip. Zilch. Zero. No chemicals. No PPD. PPD FREE. It's that goood.

What does Indigo powder do?

Indigo is the same stuff that dyes denim blue! Once the powder is mixed, it begins to immediately release the blue dye and you should see a hint of blue tone. You can use it to dye cloth and stuff, and your hair. On blonde hair it might look green, so maybe don't do that. That's why it's always recommended to get a henna base dye first, and then dye with indigo for a brown-black effect. It's different on everyone, so I am working on getting some before/after hair pics with different hair colors!

TL;DR: Pure Indigo (such as HGH's) dyes denim blue. When mixed with henna, makes hair brown. When used after a henna treatment, makes hair very dark brown-black.

How do I prepare the henna powder?

Henna needs time to release its dye, at least 6-24 hours covered in room temperature. At minimum, all you need to do is mix it with warm-hot (not boiling! It's plant powder, you don't want to burn the plant!) water until a yogurt-like consistency is obtained, cover and let sit for at least 6 hours. Freeze the mix if you aren't going to use it within 24 hours. You can also add in other ingredients like blueberry juice, almost anything that stains. There are lots of great sources out there and you can experiment with the henna!

How long does Henna last?

In an unopened packet: as of August 2016, my batch will last until January 2019.

Mixed and frozen: up to 6 months from date of mixing.

Mixed and left at room temperature: 24 hours, use within 24 hours please, or freeze unused mixed henna.

On hair: it's pretty permanent. It will grow out with your hair (but it will also make your hair strong and healthy!)

How long does Indigo last?

In an unopened packet: as of August 2016, my batch will last until AT LEAST June 2018

Mixed and frozen: DO NOT FREEZE INDIGO MIX. Indigo has a very quick demise and dye effectiveness ceases after 1-2 hours. Easiest way to combat this is to add only as much indigo as you need at a time, saving the powder for later.

On hair: it's pretty permanent. Might fade a bit over time. It will grow out with your hair.

How are your powders packaged?

Hidden Gem Henna is specially packaged to optimize freshness and longevity. The powders stain so well that they don't need to be used very often (every 1-3 months, or more frequently if you really want!). I understand what it feels like to half-use a product and forget about it for a year...and then I can't use it. This isn't the case with Hidden Gem Henna! I have the powders specially sealed fresh in India in a clear plastic bag that is then placed in the foil packet. This double-seal ensures an extra-long shelf life so that you really can enjoy the henna powders as they grow out with your hair. This way they are protected from UV damage unnecessary demise. Cherish your powders so that you can treasure your hair ;)