Hogdaily's Shop Announcement

As crystals of the earth, stones contain an array of physical and metaphysical properties. Although these properties vary by stone all have one thing in common, they heal. Stones can be described as natural medicine for beings that inhabit the Earth. This is why wearing stones, meditating with them, or simply just holding and carrying them can alter your natural energy as the natural energy and frequencies of the stone interferes with your own. This interference with your energy can do things such as cleanse your auric field, rebalance your energy, increase positive life experiences, balance your chakras, or simply bring clarity and tranquility into your life.

Our jewelry combines the natural spiritual essence of stones with metals that naturally amplify the channeling of these energies. We particularly use genuine copper wire to wrap our stones. This is because copper works as a medium for transmitting stone energies to and from the wearer. In addition to the stone being wrapped withe copper we also use genuine copper bead chains to complete each piece.