HookedOnFelt's Shop Announcement

Have you ever felted with Finn? INCREDIBLE fiber in beautiful natural tones or you can dye as it readily takes new colors! Wet or Needle Felts easily and firmly!

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Welcome to Hooked On Felt, etsy style. Here I will offer fine felts, fun felts, funky felts, functional felts, and foo foo felts. I've been a felt maker for 13 years and remain captivated by the process, the softness and the strength of this textile. Sometimes I felt for fun, sometimes for relaxation, sometimes just to play. The texture, color, softness and strength all remind me of Life. The more we tumble and roll through the hard times, the softer and stronger we become and the more tightly we bond to one another, as do the fibers in the felt making process. Often I am in prayer over someone or something as the felt is being created. The process is meditative and miraculous. It is because of my good Shepherd that I am allowed to make felt and to dance with the fibers. Making felt gives me joy. I hope having it around you will also give you joy.