hoovesgrooves' Shop Announcement

Hi, thanks for looking at my Felted Goods. If you have any questions or comments please let me know! I have lots of views and Favorited items but am not selling...any feedback would be most helpful. I am willing to make deals, free postage etc.
Check out this video I made about making Felt on youtube...

I make Secret Pockets by hand for people who like to keep their stuff safe. All my Bags and Pockets can be worn inside clothing. They are made of felt, which is a natural, renewable resource from sheep. I make them all at home with my lovely antique sewing machine, pictured in my 'about' page.

All my pieces are made to be used and worn, becoming stronger over time. They keep electronics safe from shock, extremes of heat and damp. They can also be used for long term storage of jewellery and other valuables. ideal for keeping passports safe inside clothing, medicines handy and condoms discreet!

Using Merino, Black faced Welsh, Cheviot and any fleece that catches my eye, I wet felt, using really basic old techniques, to agitate the fibers together so that they become a man made fabric. I then finish by machine and hand, including embroidery and making sure your belongings stay secure in the Pocket or Bag. Each piece is unique, even if they are made in pairs.

If you would like to commission a small batch for your own shop, I can make to your specifications.

I am inspired by the natural in an Urban environment and try to bring beauty into functionality. I trained in 3D design and have worked in many materials including metal, wood, acrylics and textiles. I have worked as a community artist, car photographer, video maker and graphic designer. I enjoy taking pictures of graffiti and walking. I also DJ, using vinyl, as Mardyminx.

If you need a specific size, colour and thickness for Pocket or Bag, please ask.

I will ship to all continents. Payment to be received before dispatch. Full care
instructions on tag.

Thanks for looking!

Hooves Grooves is a collaboration between me and J-Blendz, a Hip Hop DJ and cartoonist. We plan on producing a range of items including Secret Pockets, Bags, embroidered t-shirts and knitwear inspired by Joe's characters. All items will be handmade, no exploitation or sweatshop. As we are independent we aim to grow naturally, without debt, so as we sell, we can bring new amazing items into our shop and maybe even enhance your life!

Our website is under development and will feature Barbara and her Adventures' comics, other products, DJ mixes, radio shows and other original creative output.
Please feel free to contact me with any useful feedback!