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Welcome to HORSE-TRIBE!

Proud member of the WHOA Team, Team Cowgirl and The Equestrian Team.

No matter how or why or where you love horses, HORSE-TRIBE is for you.
HORSE-TRIBE is for everyone who has a special place for horses in their heart and in their soul...

My lifelong love of horses inspires me to make rustic, elemental, artisan jewelry to celebrate the horse + human relationship (and the mule or donkey + human relationship, too!) I hand carve many of my molds from my drawings, and I always try to express something of the magic and wonder of horses in my work. Running horses, winged horses, crescent moons, stars, horse shoes, barefoot hoof prints, flowers and hearts are among the ancient and universal symbols I use, in addition to hand stamped words or phrases, to tell horse stories in fine silver and bronze...

I follow a slightly different path in my work than the one traveled by most traditional horse hair artisans. When working with horse hair, I am guided by the notion that horses are our partners, our teachers and even sometimes our healers. Their hair, so like our own human hair, seems to symbolize our deep, collective connection. At some times, I do custom pieces hand crafted with horse hair provided by clients, and I am always humbled and honored when I am given the sacred task of creating a piece to commemorate the life of a beloved horse.

I am happy to accept payment with paypal, visa or master card.
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Thanks so much for stopping by, and "happy trails to you!"

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