hotmayday's Shop Announcement

*It's all about SILK

The SEN collection label began with a love of fine silk, hand embroidery and clothes with spirit. With every garment, we celebrate the versatility of silk - it's fragile elegance yet natural strength and its unrivalled affinity for color.
Our aim is to make silk clothes that are beautiful, effortless and lasting.

*Why Silk is the Perfect Fabric?

For over a century, man has attempted to synthesis a thread that mimics the natural qualities of silk which set it apart from all its rivals, but to date, none have been able to compete with its strength or surpass its delicate look and texture.
Although silk is so light in weight, it has an uncanny capacity to keep you both warm when it's cold and comfortably cool when it's hot (a bit like drinking tea in hot weather).
With these qualities in mind, we SEN collection are constantly inspired by the potential of designing in silk. There is nothing that compares to the soft and fluid nature of silk and the resulting freedom of movement it allows

*Our color palette

From muted washes of vintage rose and iris to the brilliantly hued shocking pink and tropical lime our palette demonstrates the versatility of silk to show off and endless array of intense colors.

*Nature is beautiful.

All our clothes are 100% silk, hand dyed and hand embroidered. There are care instructions sewn into the seams of the items but we do have a few helpful recommendations…

*A pea in the pod?

We’ve found that some of our shapes (particularly the bias cut designs) are really good for pregnant women because they will just expand as you do. The beauty is that the garment will go back to its normal shape so it’s something you can wear and look great in with the baby in your arms. One of our pregnant customers described a kaftan she bought as “the most lovely un-pregnant-feeling-thing I have”

* Here is the sizes for Silk collection *

- Small: Bust: 34"-36", Waist: 27"-29", Hips: 35"-37"
- Medium: Bust: 36"-38", Waist: 29"-33", Hips: 37"-41"
- Large: Bust: 38"40", Waist: 33"-37", Hips: 41"43"

Most of my designs are bias cut so they are easily fit well, just naturally fit.