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This hoodie is expensive but surely worth it.
This is best quality 100% handmade in Korea. Even though there are some peoples in Asia who use chopsticks, Korean people is the only one who can pick up a small grain of rice or sesame with iron chopsticks. We dare say, needlework of Korean people is world's best too. Similar products are made. But when you compare, you will know the quality, originality and uniqueness of my hoodie.
You can explore chivalry like knighthood with this unique garment. Soft and comfortable yet clearly recognizable as knight‘s garb. The original tailored medieval handmade hoodie from Iamknight Catherine Kim. Thou has been warned! if one does not want to be noticed, you cannot wear this prestigious hoodie! the armor pullover design cranks up the sense of padded protection with a medieval knight theme. I require of your height, chest and usual hood size for tailored hoodies. (no additional cost). Once again, the knight hoodie is not ready made. We will make a brand-new armor only for you with chest and height dimensions that you provide. If you order with no chest and height, we will make the standard size you select. If unsure of chest size we recommend one size bigger. As standard size may be tight sometimes. We highly recommend you send us your chest size, height and usual hood size for best fitting.

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