ikimono's Shop Announcement

Please note Ikimono vacation means items ordered after 19 May will be shipped 2nd June. Thanks for your understanding.
Special Spring Offers! ❀ 20% discount on selected vintage silk Haori Jackets.
❀ FREE OBI worth $39.50 with purchase of new cotton Yukata.

Now is the time to add a touch of Japanese elegance to your wardrobe to celebrate Spring. Vintage cotton and unlined kimono, silk haori jackets in colors and designs to add impact to your own fashion favorites or extend your own kitsuke combinations. Get creative and put your own Nanao new look kituske together. Just convo for advice, or if you are looking for a special dressing set.

A new trend continues to spread, as kimono appeal to a broader public, and a strict dressing rules in Japan become more relaxed. Japanese women are not the only ones enjoying more freedom to interpret kimono culture of kimono as everyday fashion. The kimono sisterhood beyond Japan's shores is busy reinventing their own kind of kitsuke, making eclectic dressing choices blending traditional kimono with western fashion for a unique and personal look.

Vintage kimono are once more taking wing, leaving the darkly fragrant embrace of their wooden storage chests to grace modern women. Symbolic meanings hidden in their motifs hold the secret histories of their original owners – desires, dreams and wishes, coded long ago in amazing dyed and woven textiles. I hope you find a favorite Ikimono set to inspire your own kimono dressing.

Extract from Ikimono policies:

✿ IKIMONO has collected for 15 years, and excels at sourcing vintage Japanese kimono from as far back as the 1920s. By their very nature, signs of age on vintage textiles are almost inevitable, and an intrinsic part of their charm. Normal vintage wear and tear is therefore not included IKIMONO descriptions. Sometimes, gently used kimono have age patina, small areas of discolouration or minor flaws. These do not detract from their beauty or value, and are readily accepted by people who enjoy collecting a little piece of kimono history. Factors relating to condition are obviously taken into account when pricing each item, as are collectability, rarity, and the popularity of design elements.

Ikimono specialises in dressing sets inspired by Mokona and Nanao magazine. All kimono and kitsuke enquiries are welcome. Just convo!

Please enjoy your visit, and thank you for looking.