iloveprisims' Shop Announcement

Sugar eggs are from the Victorian era. I make mine like the Victorians did with a combination of paper images, ornamental frosting and sugar paste to create the diorama inside. Although these are for decoration, the only thing non edible is the paper. I take great care in choosing, sizing, and cutting out the images to create the scene. My mother taught me how to make these as a child many moons ago. I always feel close to her when I work on these. I like to make the horizontal sugar eggs because to me they are more mysterious. You don't see the scene well until you stop and focus on the little word inside. To me that is where the real magic is. Shipping is sometimes hard to calculate. If when I package your order and it cost me less than expected I will refund the shipping difference threw paypal.

I am also pleased to introduce to you a fine collection of crystals. Each one produces a unique rainbow! I try to include at least one picture of a rainbow that is produced by the prism in the listing. Crystals are a perfect gift for any age or occasion. Who doesn't like rainbows? Crystals are one size fits all they match with everything and they never wear out. In fact, you could buy a few and enjoy them hanging in your window and if you need a last minute gift, polish it up and package it up and no one will know you have been enjoying the rainbows made by it before they received it! I really enjoy giving these as gifts. Whenever the sun is shining I think of the people that are enjoying the rainbows, and they tell me that they think of me also! What a nice way to be remembered! I do sell some leaded prisms and they are listed as Leaded. ***** Please remember that leaded products are not intended for use by children under the age of 12 years. This is a US Government required disclaimer. *****

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.