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I'm Really A Mermaid...

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Note from shop owner Hello! Thanks for checking out my shop! I am taking a much needed break!
Will be back when I'm ready. Thank you to those who have supported me.

Note from shop owner

Last updated on Sep 23, 2018

Hello! Thanks for checking out my shop! I am taking a much needed break!
Will be back when I'm ready. Thank you to those who have supported me.

Wendy Storer

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Wendy Storer


Handmade mermaid-inspired accessories, jewellery, clothing & homewares, plus a bit of kitsch/kawaii, vintage, eco and everything else inbetween...

☽♡☾ ☸ ☽♡☾ ☀ ☽♡☾ ❀ ☽♡☾ ☮ ☽♡☾ ❥ ☽♡☾ ☼ ☽♡☾ ✿ ☽♡☾
For as long as I can remember, I have always loved mermaids. I remember as a young child I used to sit in awe watching Glynis Johns in the 1948 film "Miranda" and 1954's "Mad About Men". To me, she was perfection. Her stunning ash blonde hair... her beauty... her attitude... oh, and not to mention the fact that she was a mermaid! Ever since I discovered Miranda, I was hooked. I lived and breathed anything and everything mermaid.

Every school holidays I would visit my Aunty who lived at the beach where I could walk along the beach, play in the sand and collect seashells. Pretty much the highlight of my childhood!

20 plus years later, things still haven't changed. To be honest I don't think I've ever really grown up.
I still love anything thats glittery, shimmery, metallic, chromed, chameleon, holographic, rainbow-coloured, sequined, scented, colour-changing or glow-in-the-dark. I especially love iridescence (that "AB" Aurora Borealis effect or the finish on angel Aura Quartz crystals) more than all of the above combined! Its so magical and mystical!
I am inspired by anything "mermaid", the ocean, sea shells, driftwood, sand, boats, pirates and pretty much anything nautical, really.
I enjoy gardening, plants, herbs and try to live a very holistic lifestyle. I make a lot of my own cosmetics, home products, practice aromatherapy, herbal and holistic remedies, and make my own supplements. I enjoy making kombucha and wish to get more into fermented foods in the near future.
I love crystals, anything mystical, spooky, spiritual or witchy. I am also inspired by bad-taste kitsch or kooky kawaii!

My personal fashion tastes and inspo pretty much change like the wind and is a crazy combination of my favourite things as mentioned above. One day I'm a sparkly mermaid, or a white-dressed "Goddess". The next I am a gothic metal-head or a fitnesswear addict. Maybe tomorrow I will be a rainbow hippie. Doesn't matter really. For the first time in my life, since I have hit 30, I am comfortable in my own skin and don't feel the need to portray a fashion genre to the world to explain who "I really am". I dress how I feel that day and what people think of me is really none of MY business. :)

Since my childhood, I've always been that "artsy", creative kid who was a bit "weird" but at the same time flaunted my outrageousnous (and uniqueness) with pride.
I took it all on- I drew, I painted, I photographed, I sculpted, I designed. You name it, I tried it.

I was also highly influenced by my family, especially my parents, each with their quirks and talents. Mum was always super crafty, sewing, making clothing and creating unique and gorgeous giftware, and dad was always sketching spectacular Norman Lindsay inspired nudes, creating sculptures, or making gorgeous woodburnt Australiana woodwork.
I have just began to include some of my mothers products on my online store too. She has always been such an inspiration to me and has played such a huge role in who I am today, particularly with the holistic & self-sufficient living practices. She is very talented and neat with her sewing skills, and has been passionate about working with textiles since she was big enough to reach the old "treadle" sewing machine.

It wasn't until a few years ago after quitting smoking cigarettes (Eeek!) that I realised how much time I'd spent smoking and not creating. To keep my mind off things, I started creating and making things for hours on end, keeping myself busy. My busy fingers soon lead me to making jewellery and accessories, and my true happiness, anything and everything "Mermaid" or magical!

I live in a small country town, on top of a mountain, in a tropical rainforest, in Queensland, Australia. It's truly magical, really.
I share that with the three loves of my life;
Brett, the man who changed my life and supports me in all my endeavours.
Missy, my dog, who I love and adore more than anything in the world, and Wawa, my very special rescue Cockatoo who is bald from Beak & Feather Disease. He's the craziest, smartest, most adorable little shithead... we love him to pieces!

I have been attending the local craft market on and off for the last few years, have travelled around to various markets, and have been asked if I have an online store, to which I can finally say "YES"!

My life motto?
Don't fit in.
Don't conform.
Speak your mind, but tread lightly.
Stand up for what you believe in.
Respect others.
Respect yourself.
Love animals.
Love the Earth.
Grow Plants.
Be full of life.
Be magnificent.
(Or a mermaid... Actually... Just be a mermaid!)
☽♡☾ ☸ ☽♡☾ ☀ ☽♡☾ ❀ ☽♡☾ ☮ ☽♡☾ ❥ ☽♡☾ ☼ ☽♡☾ ✿ ☽♡☾

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    Owner, designer and creator of this online store. Lover of all things mermaid, magical, mysterious, boho, kitsch or kawaii. Inspired by crystals & seashells, anything shiny, iridescent, glittery, holographic, colour-changing or glow-in-the-dark.

  • Wendy Storer Senior

    Creator, Designer

    Creator of the mermaid tutus, Eco menstrual pads and the natural skincare line. Has had many decades of sewing and living a natural and self-sufficient lifestyle, sharing her knowledge with her daughter, the owner of this online store.

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