IndaLizaLuciano's Shop Announcement

Hi there, thanks for stopping by! My cards and upcycled eco items have sold-out in shops! But didn't sell on Etsy :( When I have more time to add new one-of-a-kind handmade eco treasures, re-vamp the image, and do more promoting I'll give it a try again! I love Etsy, handmade, and being part of this wonderful community of very talented crafters. As production time allows, my items will still be available at Bay Area shops like Collector, as well as other small local shops and craft shows, so keep an eye for them! Until a very awesome day, ♡ Inda

¡Hola! ¡Bienvenidos a mi Etsy, gracias por visitar! Salut et bienvenue dans ma petite boutique sur Etsy!

Everything in Lilou is eco-friendly and handmade. Ask me about custom designs and special orders.

I'm a designer living in the Bay Area who has many side projects and a crafty alter ego. For Lilou I hand make naïve art and eco-conscious every day things to make people and the environment happy. Here you'll find items I create with patience and love out of recyclable, re-purposed, or otherwise responsible materials for everyone's enjoyment. Not all of my Lilou creations are listed here because some are independently commissioned; I update my creations on the shop's Facebook page as my time away from creating allows -

Besides Etsy, my cards and other artwork are also available at Kid Dynamo, the Sticky Art Lab’s gift shop, Collector, and other Bay Area shops and craft sales.

About my card designs: The true charm of my cards is better capture in person as they are accompanied by colorful matching envelopes, nice packaging, and some have laser cut details or rounded corners. As a conscientious designer in the Bay Area, I choose all of my materials carefully to be as eco-friendly as I can possibly find them, even considering footprint. The card stock and envelopes I use are mostly 100% recycled or at the very least 30% post-consumer waste, and processed chlorine-free. Even the cello packaging is biodegradable. Because of my commitment to the environment, the first collection of cards I launched was of trees with colorful leaves, which are available in various colors and are printed in 100% recycled card stock.

About my collage cards: Unique cards digitally collaged using scanned textiles and other interesting found textures juxtaposed cute digital illustrations.

About my toys: Each plush I make is a unique one-of-a-kind handmade doll made from quality re-purposed sweaters and scarfs, which are carefully washed and dried. They vary in colors and textures according to the available re-purposed garment. My toys are intentionally made sloppy to set them apart from industrial machine-reproduced/mass manufactured toys, and they are made to order. They are super cuddly, creating a captivating friendship for little people, and they add a nice touch to a creative room. Each one has its own playful personality and will quickly find a place in anyone's' heart.

About my home accessories: One-of-a-kind unique designs made with vintage found, contemporary found, or self-designed textiles to add a nice touch to a creative room.

About my inspiration for Lilou: My designs are often inspired by nature, found objects at travel, my sister and her family who live in a beautiful peaceful farm in North Carolina, my home surroundings in the Bay Area, my love for communication par avion, and my yearn to make people happy.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.