indibindiaustralia's Shop Announcement

hi hi welcome all you beautiful people, come inside chek out our store, invite a friend if you wish... enjoy... If your searching for something shoot us an email we might be able to assist. X much one love. X NOW ON PINTEREST!!

Indibindi Australia is a STORE for everyone. Great products to put to use in everyday sustainable living..We passionately share our everyday loves of life, yoga, dancing, eating, feasting, with friends, with family, singing, singing loud, singing in the shower, be a rock star, loud music, rock concerts, summer festivals, laughter, lots of it, healing, quiet time, time for yourself, time to get lost, walk or run into the unknown, be afraid its ok your always safe, ask for help, ask to be left alone, time out, time to share..go into the wild, pitch the tent, feel yourself in the moment, remember to breath..find trust worthy reliable friends, always feel safe and know that you are and lots of it..colourful, feel alive, be alive, be you, be free, feel free, be liberated, grow, keep growing, no suppression no war, find peace, peace to you, peace within your self, be open, be closed, feel safe and secure, feel vulnerable, cultures,colourful times, foods of the gods, fun stuff, and all affordable, just be you. empowered, enlightened, growing in experience, in laughter."I am wot I am"..."we are who we are"...we are all beautiful, you are beautiful, we are all the same we walk as one, colour, race, size, language...who ever you are you are welcome...your welcome here....feel inspired...

So...come on inside have a look around, what is it that you are looking for? let us know if we can help you? enjoy your time here as we evolve and grow, and we'd love you to grow and evolve with us..all feedback is welcomed...and enjoy the journey..
from the team at Indibindi Australia.. X we salute you.....for being you; )

..kiss slowly love truly