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Typography Art, Word Art, Subway Art, Original and Custom Prints.
Whimsical, bold and inspired by the heart...that is what you will find here.

Why Ink and Dirt Designs?
Every spare moment I have you will find me with a pen doodling, painting, creating cards, invitations and even working on the occasional landscape design project. So naturally, from a pen with ink, to a pile of dirt, that is where Ink and Dirt Designs was born.

When it comes to the creative process, what I enjoy the most about it is making pieces that really feel personal, pieces that really touch peoples heart and tell their stories. That is ultimately the driving inspiration of Ink and Dirt Designs. To capture the special moments in your life, the celebrations, the milestones and even those moments where you might need some extra encouragement and turn them into visually impactful art using words.

This is what I do. I turn your world into words and what a wonderful world it truly is.

You can also check out my blog at, that is the place where I share my creative projects, endeavors and the stories that inspire my prints.

Thanks again for taking the time to visit!