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Welcome to In Love With Saturday!

Since my childhood I have been fascinated by the beauty of nature, from clouds and stars to the microscopic observation of water and plants. While I associated the appreciation of nature with science as a child, my reverence for the natural world has turned to artistic expression in the form of glasswork and self adornment.

I am a self-taught glass and jewelry artisan and am drawn to a variety of techniques and materials, my favorites being glass, metal, feather, stone and found objects. I strive to create a sense of place in my art using organic techniques that result in unique abstract designs. Perspective in much of my work is left to the discernment of the viewer. While my aim is the personal translation of natural landscapes, patterns and textures, many of my pieces find a balance somewhere between the foreign and the familiar.

Human myth and culture also strongly influence my work, particularly my sculptural glass beads and many of my jewelry designs. Ancient totems, relics and symbols are the inspiration for my modern glass versions of talismans, and the use of organic materials such as feather, stone and fossils gives my jewelry a contemporary ethnic aesthetic.

Each of my pieces is made with love and care, and are inspected thoroughly for flaws.
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to convo me and I'll be happy to help.

I am currently without a glass studio, so custom orders are unavailable; however, I do have a few beads in stock outside of current listings.

I also a plush maker and my plushies can be found under the name To Saturday With Love at

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