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Site Update: All of my loose butterfly listings have been updated to make it easier for shoppers to understand and select what they are buying. Each butterfly species now has its own listing, and the three methods of preparation (spread, papered, laminated) can be selected from within each listing. Listings containing multiple species have been deactivated. I think this will be much easier for everyone, and it will keep my inventory better managed. Any feedback from you is appreciated!

Welcome to my shop and the home of Insect Art! I go above and beyond the typical insect display to make you a piece of art that is sure to be a conversation-starter.
Most recently, I have also started my line of insect jewelry, called "Living Jewels". Adorn yourself with a form of wearable art that's centuries in the making!

Insect Art is made of real insects from around the world. They come to me dried out and all folded up. I re-hydrate them to make them flexible again, and then spread them out on a styrofoam board with sewing pins and glass plates.

My insects come from insect farms which help to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly living for people in developing countries. By purchasing from me, you are supporting people who make their living by working with nature, not against it. Thank you. For more information on insect farming please visit my blog:


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