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Announcement    Welcome to InstaGravitas. Want to jumpstart your job search with an outstanding LinkedIn profile? Grab our FREE GUIDE at which tells you exactly how to do it.


Last updated on Jan 16, 2020

Welcome to InstaGravitas. Want to jumpstart your job search with an outstanding LinkedIn profile? Grab our FREE GUIDE at which tells you exactly how to do it.


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Hi there,

Welcome to our space on the web. So chuffed that you have found us! At InstaGravitas our aim is to help you leverage effective communication to grow your career. The resume templates in our store and the whole lot of incredibly valuable resources you get along with your purchase is one of the many steps you can take in doing just that.


From time to time all of us have seen instances where several people in the work place seem equally competent and yet when the time comes there is only one who is the FIRST AMONG EQUALS. Have you ever wondered what could be the one thing that differentiated this person who got ahead of the rest? This person walks into a meeting and people just listen, they are able to win deals for the company with ease and they think of a job change and the best offers land in their lap. Over the span of our experience in the corporate world we have consistently observed that the person who succeeds insanely in the workplace has this something extra, which we like to call “GRAVITAS”. It is the ability to play to your strengths, weaken your weaknesses, and build your personal brand in a way that key people will take notice and not forget. We believe that a very large part of this GRAVITAS is built around the ability to communicate effectively in the work place. It is our mission at INSTAGRAVITAS to help you leverage workplace communication to build your own gravitas and achieve success in your career.

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Last updated on Feb 27, 2019
Frequently asked questions
Can you recommend a CV Template for my profession?

Since all headings can be changed to fit your profile, you can use any template you like. That being said, it is a good idea to shortlist a template that's appropriate for your field. Stick with the categories on my shop homepage sidebar (to the left). CONSERVATIVE MAINSTREAM AREAS OF WORK: Corporate Jobs, Administration, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Engineering, Banking etc. Choose a Professional Resume Template. COMPETITIVE & MODERN AREAS OF WORK: Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Media etc. Choose a Modern Resume Template. CREATIVE AREAS OF WORK: Art, Design, Music, Dance, Photography, Content Creation, Animation etc. Choose a Modern or Creative Resume Template.

What can be changed in the templates?

- All the fonts
- All the colours
- Text in the headings, titles and body can be fully changed
- Sections can be added or changed

Will this template work with my computer?

These templates will work on any PC which has Microsoft Word. Check the Requirements section of the listing.

Can I use this template on my phone?

No you cannot make your CV on a phone. You need a PC or a tablet with MS Word and the ability to install fonts on it.

What version of MS Word is required?

The latest version of MS Word would be preferable. But if you have an older version and the files don't open, please email us and we will send you the corresponding files.

What are the Terms of Use?

All templates are copyrighted by InstaGravitas. You may not purchase these templates to modify and distribute, sell, or share in any way. You will not do, or authorize or permit any third party to do, any of the following: (a) sublicense, sell, publish, post, display, distribute or otherwise transfer the Templates or make them available online or for download without prior written consent from InstaGravitas. You will not do, or authorize or permit any third party to do, the following: sell printed versions of the templates to a third party without prior written consent InstaGravitas.

Do you provide a resume template fill in service?

Yes, we do provide a resume fill in service. Prices vary depending on the size of the resume. Please send us a convo and we will revert with the prices for the same.

What if my resume has to be printed?

Most recruiters prefer digital resumes these days and printing is rarely every required. However if you do need a printed version, we recommend having it professionally printed at Staples and the like. Request for a full bleed version on superior quality bright white paper.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, we are available to help with technical issues. Please send us an email or convo on easy and we will respond.