internodiciotto's Shop Announcement

Internodiciotto sees birth in Rome, in San Giovanni quarter, in the last floor of a residential building where I go to live with a guy I met three months before.

In flat number 18.

It is there that the passion of creating takes me in the world of custommade. Something special and unique, that allows me to tell stories throughout needles and threads.
A project that gradually increases, but stays hidden for my personal working experiences in the fashion maisons that grew me up.

But I never stayed calm. Embroidering was nightlife, travel life, Roma soccer game nights at friends flats... not even a movie to watch in the dark and a few of “*!%!*?” I got for pins I accidentally forgot in our soft sofa.

I am Silvia DellaGiacoma, young, determined, sweet and “capocciona”. Grown up in the vivid color of South Tyrol and educated in the beauty of the eternal city, I have learned to love a world full of contradictions... falling in love with the little imperfections that the two cultures of my life showed me. Curious eyes wide open - or closed tight to dream big - absorb everything new with a pinch of reservation that I raise in the DNA.

I am head - and hands - of this brand, that aims to conquer you with “one of a kind” items , customizable with the stories you tell me, everyone with his own special language of a memory, an adventure or a special moment you lived.

Internodiciotto is my story.

That guy decided to marry me.