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PLEASE PLAN AHEAD! THIS SHOP WILL BE CLOSED FROM DECEMBER 15, 2015 THROUGH JANUARY 1, 2016. If you wish to purchase miniatures during that period, contact me through "Conversations"


Zombies, Hashtags, Poker Chips, Slot Machines, Crabs, Pool Tables, Reitred, Que Pasa, and Photo Frame Charms.

Combat Boot Charms.

Naked Charm Bracelets and Necklaces. Going Fast! When they're gone, they're gone.

Browse 1,300+ CHARMS--all at WHOLESALE PRICES to you.


The drop down menu quantities are MY ACTUAL INVENTORY on hand; however on most items I can get more. On those made in the USA within a week. No item is limited in quantity unless it states as such in the listing. Inquire for exact availability.

Want more than listed? Please convo me. I'll tell you what the turn around time is in getting more from the manufacturer.

PS: Pricing on charms can be very different from one to the next. My pricing is based on what the charms cost me, metal content, where they are made, and how many I have to inventory to keep up with sales.


Shipping charges listed are for the first item purchased. Additional items are shipped at VERY reduced cost. For example, with charms, shipping is $2.50 for the first charm and 3 cents for each additional charm. Calculation of combined shipping is automatic. You will see the cost for shipping before you have to pay.


Shipping to USA, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and UK.

I ship everything via US or INTERNATIONAL FIRST CLASS MAIL unless otherwise requested and purchased.

FREE SHIPPING via US Priority Mail within the US on orders over $100. Enter Coupon Code: FREE100

DELIVERY OUTSIDE NORTH AMERICA takes 2-4 weeks, about half that for shipments to Canada. NOTE: TRACKING ENDS AT THE U.S. BORDER.


BEST ADVICE to browsers in my shop--READ the ENTIRE LISTING and VIEW ALL PHOTOS. Most answers to common questions are located within the listing. If a question is asked, I try to answer it in the listing with words or photos.

- PHOTOS SHOW all sides of a charm
- PHOTOS SHOW size next to an inch ruler and relative to a US Quarter Coin

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Larger or more diverse your order is, the longer it will take to ship. This is a one person outfit. Please be patient. Your selections are pulled out of bins to add to your order one item at a time--by an OLD LADY with BIFOCALS--all by myself.

I am CLOSED MONDAYS so that I can pack/ship all the orders that come in over the weekend. ONLY THE SHOP IS CLOSED. SHIPPING STILL OCCURS ON MONDAYS.



The MATERIAL OF MANUFACTURE is stated in each of my listings. I offer metal, resin, plastic, and rubber charms and bracelets. My metal charms are solid metal, identified within the listing. Many of the charms are colored with enamel. I don't sell glass charms because they break too easily.

My metal charms are LEAD AND NICKEL FREE and are made of pewter (an alloy of tin) or zinc alloy. Most are plated with silver or rhodium (ultra shiny relative of platinum), and are stated as such in the listing. If the plating is sterling silver (92.5% silver), it is noted in the listing. I DO NOT sell any solid sterling silver charms (too expensive!)

My charms that are made in the USA are marked as such within the listings. USA manufacturers are very candid about the content of their charms, because verification and certification is REQUIRED BY US LAW. There is no such restriction on imported charms, including honest identification of core, plating, and lead and nickel content.

BEWARE of sellers who sell sterling PLATED charms as SOLID sterling silver. Solid sterling silver is REQUIRED BY US LAW to show the number 925. Ask to see the 925 impression which will be molded right onto the piece. Unfortunately, some of the cheap Asian knockoffs display a fraudulent 925 mark.

Also, the asking price of the charms is ONLY SOMETIMES a good indicator as to whether it's sterling silver or not. Solid 925 silver is much more expensive than everything but gold or platinum. If the price listed seems too good to be true, then it's likely that it's not solid 925 sterling silver; however, some disreputable sellers still claim their pieces to be solid 925 sterling and charge the high prices.

By the way...Real SILVER TARNISHES and will leave black residue on your skin--especially if it is on a ring.

Most charms imported from Asia are indeed plated with silver, but not 925 silver and it is plated VERY THINLY. The plating may chip off if you bend the charm or grip it with jeweler's pliers. The core of Asian charms is usually an alloy of zinc (dull white in color), but I have found several charms that have a plastic core. If I find that one of my charms has a plastic core, I discontinue it immediately.

An alternative to plating with silver is plating with RHODIUM (a relative of platinum.) The advantage of rhodium is that it DOES NOT TARNISH, so on wedding rings that are made from silver, the jeweler will plat with rhodium to prevent tarnishing and that black ring around your finger. The disadvantage of rhodium is that it is a shiny white color that some people don't like.

Other sellers are offering charms they claim to be PEWTER. Pewter manufactured OUTSIDE THE USA, may CONTAIN LEAD. Pewter charms manufactured in the USA contain NO LEAD, and are verified as such (lead free). All of my pewter charms are manufactured in the USA.

As to the ENAMEL: Most of my enamel charms are colored with HEAT SET (in a kiln) enamel. This has a hard, scratch resistant surface and will not chip or rub off. A few of my enamel charms are PAINTED. The color on these charms is likely to chip or rub off. If the charm is merely painted, it is stated in the listing.

If you are still in doubt about the content of a certain charm, or have any other questions, please contact me.

Thanks for shopping intothewoods

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