irenebatzvi's Shop Announcement

"WHEN I studied Art History, I looked at numerous reproductions of Northern petroglyphs, South Africa’s rock paintings, Stone Age European murals, and drawings covering Caucasian cliffs. I was astonished both by the charm of the images and the beauty of the surfaces on which these images were painted, engraved, or drawn.

A MOMENT came when I, as an artist, understood that I have to express my knowledge in a visual art form. I was desperately looking for materials to paint on. In a flash of inspiration, I got it: beach stones! I understood that these little particles of huge rocks, treated by Water, Sun, and Wind, perfectly matched my purpose.

NOW I spend time wandering on the shores of Caesarea and Kalamata, Cote d’Azure, Nahant, and Rockport, searching for proper pebbles and looking for desired sizes, textures, and colors."

THE ARTIST, IRENE BAT-ZVI, uses her own technique of painting on stones, including semitransparent layers of watercolors, soft pencils and pastels, a special kind of pen, and permanent ink, fixative, and sealer. This technique produces intricately detailed, amazingly precise images, but leaves untouched the natural beauty of the stone’s color and texture.

SINCE these miniatures are reminiscent of ancient images and styles, they are akin to museum articles and can be an excellent gift to those interested in history, culture, art, archeology, and anthropology. These miniatures can definitely be of interest to art collectors.

EACH of these fine craft objects is one of a kind, numbered and signed by the artist.

A DIPLAY STAND provides the stone with a unique museum aura.