iwantmyhobo's Shop Announcement

Jewelry, brooch, bow ties, fabric necklaces, beads, accessories, handmade, craft, contemporary fashion accessories for men and women. Unique Pieces.

保母 or ホボ is our name. In japanese it means something like "babysitter" or the "mother that protects".

We craft handmade jewelry with love and respect for people who want to use unique happy pieces. Each piece you will find in our shop has a history and a concept behind. We love what we do and we hope you enjoy to use them.

We are visual artist and graphic designer. Since our college days we exchange our best ideas to produce things that people may love.

We like cats! And good music, wine, the autumn sky of Lisbon, late nights, early mornings… To create! To share, to talk to design things, to keep things simply and not over consume.

If you like our style, but have something a little different in mind, let's talk! We can brainstorm together and design something specially for you!

Please take a moment to read my our Shop Policies. We made it fast and friendly to make your shop experience smooth!


Cintya & Flávio Hobo