JamersonStudios' Shop Announcement

Welcome to Jamerson Studio’s shop! My love of enamel work began 23 years ago. Each piece is one of a kind and created by hand with the exception of the chains and ear wires (which are sterling silver). The jewelry pieces pictured are examples of what is available for commission. Corresponding prices are listed with each design. My pieces are custom and made to order. When you see something you like, you can contact me with a description of the piece you are interested in, or we can work together on choosing one of my designs with a particular color scheme. Different style chains and lengths can also be requested.

The nature of the enamel process, particularly the cloisonné technique, is quite labor intensive. Depending on the complexity of the piece and the number of pieces in your order, please expect an average turn around time of three to six weeks.

Customers have enjoyed my pieces for their unique designs, vibrant colors and painterly effects.