Jamie Sierra Knits, Colorful Scarves and Accessories

There's nothing better than yarn waiting to be worked with.
This is my craft room, where I create, and my kids play wii.
My shipping table is a craigslist find, the hutch a curbside freebie that was once mauve, & quilts are family heirlooms.
This is where I take the pictures for my shop, beside our back door where the sun shines super bright in the afternoon.
My craft table was a $20 auction find- an old mail room table.

It is all about the joy of making things by hand.

Making my first scarf years ago felt so miraculous to me. I could not wait to play with different yarns, all the sizes, textures, colors. I made dozens and dozens and began wearing them everyday. On a field trip to an apple farm with my son's preschool class the farm owner requested a custom item. I was so flattered, and excited, and hardly could believe she was willing to pay me to make her something. I've been making and selling fashion accessories ever since. Eventually I pulled out the sewing machine and branched my obsession into the fabric world. I try and focus on textures, patterns, and colors that thrill me. I simply have to love what I'm making, or it won't happen. I also do my best to get my supplies for a good deal, so I can keep my prices reasonable. I love colors that harken back to the Crayola 'Bold' markers box set, but I also have a soft spot for grays, anything that shimmers, woodsy chunky knits, and earth tones. I strive to make things as unique as possible, but also satisying the need for basics in the wardrobe that support more bold fashion choices in other areas- you do need a nice basic black scarf to wear with your favorite over the top patterned coat, afterall.
Jamie Rex
owner, maker, designer, curator