janemariefoods' Shop Announcement

Here deliciousness means sating your taste buds with traditional or artesian novelty, such as the Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Fire Loaf, or cooling things off with the Yin Yang Candy. Holidays and Seasons are unique. The Apple Caramel in autumn. Unique Thanksgiving, Hanukah and Christmas treats. Take an eatable vacation in winter with Tropicals such as Coconut Pineapple (or spike it up with rum to make an eatable Pina Colada). Citrus such as Lemons are always refreshing when looking forward to Spring. Summer brings strawberries, blueberries and herbs which lead to items such as the unique and versatile, low sugar Berry Mint Preserves as a forgivable summer treat.

Challenges are encouraged.

Above all feel free to ask questions.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.