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Welcome to my Etsy Shop!
GREAT NEWS! I will be teaching a class in March:
NEW ETSY SHOP! I have a new Etsy shop that will be dedicated to metal work that isn't jewelry in addition to some pottery, which I am getting back into and loving it.
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All of my work is completely fabricated by me from flat sheet, wire and tubing and is produced on a made to order basis. My designs are created on computer and chemically etched into sheet metal. Other texturizing techniques employed are stamping, engraving, roller printing and hammering.

I work as a lone business owner/jewelry artist as well as a freelance graphic designer, sometimes working on freelance jobs, filling wholesale accounts, preparing for a show or starting in 2015, teaching classes, so please check here for schedule. Generally I am able to get items out in about 7 to 10 days but it may take 14 business days. If I am running behind schedule, I ship 2 day Priority with the insurance. Feel free to write to ask how is it going, and I may also write to let you know where I am at with it. If something is a gift and just has to be there in a few days, I try to make exceptions and do offer expedited delivery upon request.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS: About 98% of the sterling silver and gold I now use is reclaimed rather than mined. The etching I do is done with the utmost care in which almost no trace amounts of chemicals are disposed. Any residue is neutralized with baking soda and water then poured onto container grown plants as fertilizer.

Wide rings fit snug, so PLEASE make sure to add about a HALF SIZE to FULL SIZE larger than what you are measured as. (see below). I wear mine a full size larger because my fingers swell in the heat. In addition, check your finger's length between the base and the knuckle. If you have short hands, you may need a ring that is less wide. PLEASE BE SURE TO ASK FOR A CUSTOM FIT. I do not charge extra to tweak the design slightly. I am always willing to re-size or make a new ring to fit, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable wearing it and it won't sit unworn. :( K. :) Happy fingers = Happy rings

I also offer the plastic ring sizer now for $3.00 with free shipping, so this is a good way to make sure the ring fits. If the item is an expensive item (over 60.00), custom or with a set stone, I will mail the ring sizer for free prior to making the ring once ordered. I also can e-mail pdfs of paper ring sizers to aid in the measurement process. A great way to get sized is to go to a jewelry store and have them measure you for wider rings.

I put 2 coats of patina with a wax coating. This will in time wear off with heavy wear. I have been including a micro-mesh cloth with most orders when I can, which is great for when you need to apply a new coating of blackener. I use Jax Black, but if you prefer to use Liver of Sulfur that is good as well. For Jax Black (available online)... paint it onto to the item, let dry and rinse in cool water. Rub the surface with with either the 2400 micro mesh or a Scotch Brite pad for a brushed look and to revive the original look.

Custom orders always welcome: I work on the computer to do all my artwork, so the method to my working is with a pdf proofing system which leads to a collaborative process. Allow 2 to 4 weeks for fabrication.

My jewelry is is now being sold at several galleries in the US and Internationally. Thanks to all my customers for your support these last few years! I appreciate each one of you very much!

Designs © Janice Hagey-Schmidt

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