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Welcome: EACH PIECE IN MY SHOP IS SELECTED BASED ON AUTHENTICITY and ARTISTIC VALUE **LAYAWAY OFFERED** My Website: http://indianamulets.com.au - for further information on Antique Indian Jewellery and Himalayan Ornaments.


I offer a selected range of Antique, Vintage and Tribal Silver Jewellery and Body Adornments. Each piece in my shop is selected based on its authenticity and artistic value, and are from the rural people of Rajasthan and Gujarat in northern india, Himachal Pradesh, and South India, specializing in Antique Indian Amulets and Pendants because of their beauty and craftmanship. I also have a range of antique Tibetan Gau Boxes and Himalayan ornaments.

The large area of northern India’s population still believe the dominant basis for amulet use on the body is the widespread fear of the hostility of negative or evil forces. In repelling such powers that may possess and harm an individual, amulets act as a physical, energized object that the user believes is capable of nullifying or destroying the threatening evil and to bring health and good fortune.

The Hindu plaque amulets I have listed feature the personal gods or Hindu deities: Eight Mothers or Seven Mothers and a Guardian (Sapta Matrikas) , Hanuman, Vishnu’s Sacred Footprint symbolically representing a God (Vishnupadaka), Surya Sun Symbol , Hindu God Shiva form Bhairava, Bhumiya Raj hero on a horse, Goddess Durga, Ganesha and Lakshmi, Addorsed Peacocks, Hoi Mata, Brahmanical Triad Brahma Vishnu and Shiva, Goddess Lakshmi Fertility, Fertility Devi, and the details of each amulet is given with each product for sale.

The shape in which flat plaque amulets are fabricated have a significant importance to the meaning of the subject and the shape is not restricted for use by any one deity, group of deities, or symbols, although the general configuration of a particular subject may dictate a specific shape. Some shapes seem to be preferred regionally, which may help in identifying a plaque’s origin.

The basic shapes with symbolic meanings are the square or rectangle, representing an enclosure or house, the peaked pentagon, which symbolize a temple (mandir); the circle (mandala); the bottom pointing ovule (yoni); and the arrowhead (tir). Examples of all these shapes of amulets are for sale. Making a jeweler’s stamping die, from which the plaque image is made, is the work of specialist die makers who prepare dies for regional use. The subjects and patterns that appear on dies depend on what is in local or regional usage.

I ship worldwide the next business day after payment is received.

Jasmineium Antique Tribal Indian Jewellery guarantees all artifacts to be genuine and as described. It is my policy never to deliberately list fakes as genuine. All contemporary or reproduction Indian Amulets and ornaments listed will always be stated as such.

If you have any queries I will be happy to provide further photographs, any reference to the specific piece of jewellery or any other piece of jewellery that is similar in order to further establish its authenticity and history from books or catalogues in my collection.

The age given of each piece is only an estimate gained from research of similar examples.

Please feel free to contact me for further information