One Million Original, Hand-Made Mixed Media Paintings.

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One Million Original, Hand-Made Mixed Media Paintings.

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We are away from our shop and will be returning in a few weeks. See you then!

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Jason McHenry


'Dude, I already told you guys no. You're not getting a bite of my apple no matter how long you stand there.'
The little painted flower makes these teeth seem even more creepy.
Yo! Thumb tacks, here! Who needs some thumb tacks? These babies are nickel plated American steel which means they're so shiny it's crazy. They will undoubtedly class up any office.
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I'm making one million original paintings.

For about the last 20 years or so, in one way or another, I have been working on the One Thousand Thousand project. The project is often described as "an ongoing and frequently collaborative effort to produce a million original works on paper" and this is definitely true. But, yeah, it’s not the whole truth and there is plenty more to it than just that.

Before the One Thousand Thousand project existed in the sense that it does now, it was a simple creative exercise in visual art that I dreamed up in high school and have been doing almost every day since then.

I developed a habit of trying to make these little paintings as often as I possibly could with little regard towards ever completing any paintings. It’s similar to a writer keeping a daily journal and developing a habit of just writing something every single day. And, sure, there were days where I didn't make any and there were days when I made a hundred or more. Either way it's always been all about the making part.

This creative exercise was a way for me to play around with different art supplies and techniques, and to keep myself in the habit of making art, as well as an excuse to get together and make art with my friends. The process of creating something through this exercise allows me to experiment with new ideas and techniques while trying to not overthink the process. It's pretty fun doing them too.

Just about any and every medium and style and technique for producing visual art has been used over the years. But the primary point is that they are all done entirely by hand and they are each entirely unique. [These are not prints or reproductions.]

When you go at it like this for so many years, you really gain some valuable insight into who you are as an artist and you'll figure out a lot about yourself in the process too. Either way, if you are making a dozen or more little paintings every day then it's at least certain you'll begin to amass a whole lot of art as a result. When others saw the hundreds and thousands of pieces that were done they liked them well enough and at some point it seemed to make sense that I'd show them or share them in some way.

Again, because I think it's important to point out, these are not prints.

These are all original and are done entirely by hand. They are about 7" by 5.5" when they are unframed. They are each individually numbered and stamped with the date of completion. You're getting the actual paintings from this project that were done with a paintbrush and ink and oilstick and other art supplies.

They are each selected as recent favorites from the series, for one reason or another, and if it's posted here for sale then I really, really like it a lot. I do make sure to sign each of the pieces [on the reverse] that are posted here for sale. Not that this is important or anything but I'm mentioning it because I normally leave them unsigned and feel like the pieces posted here are certainly worth taking the time to personally sign them.

I've always very stood firm on the notion that art should be accessible and affordable and I've priced these pieces with that in mind. I'm an artist not a museum and as far as I'm concerned the idea is to get these pieces out there to live with people that appreciate the work. [And, besides, there are just so many of these things that I also want you to be able to afford a handful of them. Most people find it hard to choose just one or two and I want to make sure you can afford a nice selection.] So, yeah, they are usually around ten or fifteen bucks apiece. Sometimes more and sometimes less but under $20 regardless. Plus, inexpensive doesn't mean cheap just like high prices don't translate as high quality. You're getting some solid original work from a pretty monumental project. [I think.]

There is so, so much more to the One Thousand Thousand project than I can fully show here and the entire project is way more thoroughly documented over at my website.


And if you'd like to get the full scoop on all of this you're very much encouraged to visit. [Copy and paste the address right now while you're thinking of it.]


Shop members

  • Jason A. McHenry

    Owner, Maker, Designer, Curator

    I've been an artist all of my life. For a good number of years I've been working on the One Thousand Thousand project with the goal of doing one million original little paintings. It's taken me 20 years just to reach the 325k point.

  • Christopher Dyer

    Maker, Artist And Collaborator

    Artistic collaborator and original contributing artist for the One Thousand Thousand project.

  • Katherine Ogg

    Maker, Curator, Artist And Collaborator

    Katherine is a photographer and artist and she frequently collaborates on the One Thousand Thousand project. She is the brains behind the whole outfit and she makes sure everything goes smoothly.

  • Kim

    Creator, Artist, Collaborator

    An advocate of balance, a mirror, a back alley nomad, a connoisseur of trash and a painter of found objects and, most recently, a contributor to the One Thousand Thousand project.

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Last updated on February 1, 2017
Hello again!

I'm making one million paintings.

I've been going at this for over 20 years and I make new pieces just about every single day.

The art listed here is part of the One Thousand Thousand project which is an ongoing and frequently collaborative effort to produce an edition of one million original pieces of art. Each of the pieces in this series is made by hand and they are certainly solid enough to hold up by themselves and not just in the context of the project. [I think they're all really terrific for sure.] They are also priced so that just about anyone can afford to own one or two if they'd like to. I think that both of those things are very important.

A lot more information about the project is over at http://anti-product.com. I seriously encourage you to spend a few minutes there looking over the project history and image archives. You can find out a lot more on the Facebook fan page too. That's here: http://tinyurl.com/onethousandthousand

The vintage items are things that I have collected over the years and have found to be cool or beautiful in some way. I've either owned them myself or I've brought them home with me in hopes of eventually finding them a good home. I'm really weird that way and if I see some amazing thing at an estate sale and nobody else wants it or just doesn't see the worth in it then I'll be compelled to buy it. I can't just let it go like that and get tossed out or thrown away. I somehow feel sort of responsible for the things, you know?.

[I realize this is probably strange.]

But you know what? There's really isn't a single thing here that I wouldn't mind living with and looking at every single day. I'm trying to keep all of the things that I post here consistent with that sentiment. And that said, I'm pretty positive that you'll think the same thing too.

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Returns and exchanges
TL,DR = When you buy any of the One Thousand Thousand pieces I guarantee you'll be seriously jazzed when you see them in person. They are invariably more lovely when you have them in front of you and I assure you'll be happy with them or I'll give you your money back.

If you order some of the One Thousand Thousand pieces and it gets lost in the mail or is damaged then I can send along replacements. If a piece isn't exactly what you expected it to look like or you're not happy with it in any way I'll give you a full refund or trade you out for something else. Whatever you'd like to do is probably okay by me.

On anything other than the things that I happen to have thousands of I guess we'll have to figure out what happened or what the issue is and then decide together what best to do. If that's okay with you.

The bottom line here, seriously, is that I really want you to be happy and if there is anything at all that isn't okay then we should talk about it and I'll do whatever I'm able to make things okay.

I'm a Libra and I am bound by forces beyond myself to achieve balance at any cost. [At least that's what my friend Kim might say.]
I'm totally happy to accept payment in Bitcoin and if you're up for doing it that way you'd excite me to no end. Upon checkout choose the 'other' option and I can send you an easy invoice with the current Bitcoin rates adjusted.
Shipping rates are calculated to reflect the exact cost of postage as close as I can calculate it.

I'll certainly combine shipping on any multiple orders and that should be reflected in the posted shipping costs as well. These things are shipped via USPS and I ship the framed pieces securely in USPS-approved boxes and the unframed pieces come in rigid mailers.

I do my best to ship every day of the week and sometimes I'll be able to get your order out in the same day I receive it. Most times I'll get it mailed the next day. I'll mark it as shipped as soon as it is.

If you want some sort of insurance or shipping upgrades please let me know.
Additional policies and FAQs
People have always responded to this project with remarkable enthusiasm and I can't tell you how fantastic this makes me feel. I have had plenty of requests for bulk orders and am pleased to work this out with you for sure. I've had people order in bulk to use as gifts or for re-sale in their brick and mortar shops. I always think this is incredibly cool and am way open to arranging this with you.

One of the most frequent requests is for a specific number or for a specific date. I'm very happy to look for those specific pieces or for any that were created on whatever date that you'd like. For all intents and purposes I make new pieces every day so there is a good chance that your favorite dates will still be around. I tend to sell these pieces as fast as I make them but I will check for sure and am happy to do it.

I want to make sure to say something about my abilities and expertise with regard to scanning my art. I'm pretty savvy when it comes to technology and I do my absolute best to generate scans of my work that are as accurate as possible. I spend a fair amount of time scanning these things and I'll sit with the originals right next to the image files and make tiny adjustments where needed so that what you see here is what you'll get. I've opted to not upload a fair number of pieces just because I couldn't get them to scan properly and they just don't look right for some reason. That said, if it's posted here for sale then I'm personally satisfied with how accurate the scans are. But, most importantly, I want you to be satisfied when your new art arrives in the mail.

I cannot stress it enough to say that if you, for whatever reason, are not happy with any of this just let me know. Cool? Cool.

My email address is jason [!at] anti-product.com and my phone number is 520-955-9025. You can text or call that number and you can contact me any time you're up for it.

The work from the One Thousand Thousand isn't copyrighted or anything like that. For now it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License which means that you are free to share this work however you'd like. You can remix it and build upon it however you choose. What's mine is yours. Really. You can read the terms of this license here: