jerrylittfin's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my new shop! I've been on Etsy for a year, looking and shopping. I think it is time to open "my shop". I have always liked to tinker with wood since I was a little boy. My dad was a carpenter and I guess that rubbed off on me. In 1977, after building my house, I planted a variety of trees, ash, black walnut, maple, pine, and others. After over 30 years of growth I cut some, had them milled and dried and ready for me to use. I have my own planer, which is the start of all my projects. My 4 sons and daughter keep me busy making different things for them and my 6 grandchildren. My daughter has been with Etsy selling sewing items and suggested that I try my crafts here. I have made cabinets, furniture, toys, and much more. My kids give me ideas of things to make and I also like to check out craft and art shows to get ideas. I have a complete shop with planer, jointer, table saw, plus all the misc. tools to do most woodworking projects. I am also open to your ideas and suggestions for things to make.