jes7707's Shop Announcement

.........Thanks very much for stopping by....ENJOY!
.........It is a pleasure to have you visit as you are always welcome.

Upon viewing my shop's varied scarf designs and fine art print offerings, if you should have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me and I promptly respond.

If you are seeking a particular width &/or length or an alternate yarn color choice other then the ones shown within the shop - most custom options/details are available..
Upon receiving your specifics, it will be a pleasure to work with you to develop &/or confirm each/ every new size, dimension &/ or exact color choice you envision for your personalized, custom hand knitted scarf /scarves. I will make certain that when each customized &/or selected ordered scarf's design is confirmed, each scarf's knitting process will more then meet the intended goals!
For your convenience, upon request -at the time of ordering - gift wrapping -per item within each order- is also available for a nominal $5.00 fee. When noting the gift wrap service- during your ordering process- please make sure to include your special, written sentiment you would like to have attached to your gift as well as what the gift occassion is -- be it a birthday, anniversary, etc.. A small white card with your message will then be enclosed on your behalf.

Thank you again for visiting the shop & considering making one or more of my artwork pieces &/or hand knitted scarves a part of your &/or your loved one's home &/or outerwear wardrobe collection! Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Sincerely,

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