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2 months

On the shop bench today is the "Space Fire Stories" Leather wallet. If you would like to see it finished, check out the listing tag in the top photo.

4 months

Latest custom leather topo wallet of Crested Butte Colorado. Have a special event or day and need that wow gift. Have a special place on the planet you would like on a wallet, or bag. Contact me for more details.

9 months

I made this for a little dog. But I could up size it. Or for you cat lovers, a little adjustment and we could have a rocket cat also.

1 year

Just finished this custom order. It's a dog collar and beer cap dog tag combo. I do sell them separately. So check out my listings. If your looking for something custom, that makes your friend look good, and feel good contact me and let's make it happen!

2 years

Hot off the work bench. Old watch, new all veg tan leather watch band/cuff. Thick, durable, and ready for action! I'm calling it the indi-treasure explorer look.

2 years

Newly made custom topo wallet of Bryce Canyon