jessicasoriginals' Shop Announcement

Welcome to jessicasoriginals where you can find a little something for everyone. You will find my original creations as well as supplies and vintage items.
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If you buy 4 or more items you can save 20% on your purchase by using this coupon code: 4ORMORE20 . Discount will come off purchase amount before shipping is added. Please be sure to use coupon code only if you buy 4 or more items or I will have to cancel your order. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING.
Creativity brings me peace, confidence, motivation ...........and satisfaction. Creativity is my therapist ;~))
Arts and crafts are rarely a sucessful business venture as far as profit is concerned, there is just way too much time involved. For me it's more about being able to share what I enjoy with others, finding homes for my creations and making room for more creativity.

If you have fallen in love with an item in my shop but feel it is a little over priced make me an offer. We'll talk.