jeweleddreams' Shop Announcement

Far from here ... in hidden places of the world
lie treasures yet untold.

Come see the glittering gatherings
before your eyes unfold.

The weary, wandering merchants
pile offerings in your lap.

And all that will excite you lies
within each silken wrap...

Perhaps a gleaming bauble from far off

Or a curious, carved figure from a
dark and dangerous land.

Maybe a length of silk from that lush
sweet land of Kush,

Or a simple crystal votive from where
icy rivers rush.

Whatever is your pleasure, here heart's
desires lie,

In the sensual Kaleidescope of our

What you see you may want.

What you want you may buy.

All is for sale in the Caravanserai.

Each moment it changes
like a candle flame's light
Here for now, gone, and then
some other's delight.

So buy what you can from this
traveling store,

For what you will purchase gives
pleasure and more,

A prize to enchant the senses
each day and in dreams
to let fantasy lead you away

To travel with us where winds
beckon and sigh

"Return with more treasure to