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Men's & Women's handmade Rings and Jewelry. Rings made and inlaid with Meteorite, Dinosaur Bone, Deer Antler, Wood, Titanium, Gold, Tungsten, Diamonds, Sterling Silver, Petrified Wood, Gemstones and many other types of inlays. These exotic materials can be inlaid in all of our metals such as yellow gold, white gold, platinum, palladium, tungsten and titanium. All of these, along with gemstones like rubies, sapphires, aquamarines, diamonds and mother of pearls are created by hand to create men's wedding bands, women's wedding bands, engagement rings, matching wedding sets, pet memorial rings, Meteorite and Dinosaur Bone or Meteorite and Wood combination rings, actually rings for all occasions.

All of Johan's rings are 100% custom made by hand, one at a time here on our Premises in Oakdale Minnesota USA. Made in the USA with pride.

Johan can make you any ring you want. Johan can make your dream come true.

I specialize in Custom Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands and Wedding Sets.

Read about it on my Policies Page, click here

We respond to convo's as quick as possible, due to the large volume received each day we ask that you please be patient. Convo's are answered on a 1st come 1st serve basis.
Please note that our customer service hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 to 5:00pm CST.



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Getting married? Are you looking for engagement rings and/or wedding bands?
Don't see what you want, ask me, I can make it for you.
Do you want to make changes to a ring you see, want something slightly different?
Contact me for that special ring.

My Damascus and orange CZ Tension Set ring was chosen to be in VivaLaModa magazine.

Some of my rings have been chosen amongst hundreds of thousands to be shown on the front page of Etsy. For those that know, it is not easy.

jewelrybyjohan's Shop Policies


I can custom make you any Wedding Band and Diamond Engagement Ring you have seen anywhere on Etsy, in Magazines, Jewelry Stores or the Internet, made of Platinum, Gold, Palladium, Titanium, Tungsten and Sterling Silver, set Diamonds or Gemstones, fancy Cathedral or Halo type settings, etc. I will even work with you to stay within your budget.

Please note that our customer service hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 to 5:00pm CST. We try to respond to convos as quickly as possible but have lots of requests, questions etc. each day.

TURNAROUND TIME ====>> 5 Weeks <<====
3-4 Weeks Titanium Rings
5 Weeks Precious Metal Rings


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IMPORTANT: Your ring will go into production within 3 business days your order confirmation. If you would like any changes made to your order, please submit them within the next 3 business days. Any changes requested after this time may result in restocking fee and/or delay in shipment.

If you purchase this sizer along with your custom ring please note that your custom ring will not start production until you confirm your size. Once we receive your size confirmation your custom ring will be scheduled according to the present turn around time of size confirmation.

RUSH ORDERS - Depending on design we will are able to offer Rush orders, please contact us for details.

If we are not able to offer the rush based on your requested design, we do offer a titanium stand in ring option which you are able to purchase once I have received your actual order. Please read more about it here:

Please read the WOOD COLOR/ ANTLER COLOR and DINO COLORS in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION SECTION, the colors that you receive may look different from the listing that you purchased.

There is nobody that can color Titanium permanently. It can and most probably will scratch some color off the very 1st day you wear the ring.
After a few weeks the ring will become dull and start to fade, look patchy and just plain ugly.
It does not matter how many times you color it afterwards, it will NEVER last.
I have all the equipment to color or anodize Titanium but after clients started complaining I stopped offering it.
It is not worth your or my time to keep coloring the Titanium ring.


See TURNAROUND TIME mentioned above.

Please note that the ship date 6-8 weeks is defaulted by Etsy for private listings. Please do not use the Etsy date, we will contact you through Etsy with your scheduled date, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your due date.

We accept PayPal, money orders, and cashiers' checks. Please pay within 2 days or indicate that you want to pay with INSTALLMENTS, work will start once FULL payment has been received and cleared.

We do accept payment plans, and the schedule is set by you. Each time you are ready to make a payment, you would contact us with the amount that you would like to pay and we can set up a private listing. Once the ring has been paid in full, it will be scheduled that day according to the present-day turn around, which is listed on the policies page.

Due to the change in price of materials, our listing prices do fluctuate. When setting up a payment plan, you will pay the Total of the original listed quote.

We do offer a 7% military discount off of your Custom Ring Purchase. Please provide one of the following acceptable forms for proof:

- A written statement of verification of military service from a member’s chain of command (no form letter provided; just a signed letter confirming member’s current military status.)

-Proof of Service letter - found in vMPF under Self-Service actions/Personal Data - confirms service dates

-Statement of service of local personnel office - signed letter confirming military status

(Not valid for Shipping services, or Rust Proofing)

Because of the continued rise of these metals on the stock market; it is impossible for us to change all the listing prices every time it changes, it just keeps changing upwards all the time.
Please note that the price may be adjusted after you have placed your order, based on your ring size and width of your custom ring, if you would like to know your exact cost, please contact us before purchasing.

Prices quoted or any discount offered, by any means, are only valid for 24 Hours.

These Woods are Exotic and if you choose any of the following, please note that they are an extra charge:
Ironwood (Burl)
Rosewood(Honduran Burl)


See TURNAROUND TIME mentioned above.

Please note that the ship date 6-8 weeks is defaulted by Etsy for private listings. Please do not use the Etsy date, we will contact you through Etsy with your scheduled date, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your due date.

We ship USPS Priority mail within the US for $7.00, Priority Mail to Canada for $20.00 (3 - 5 business days excluding time in customs) and Priority Mail everywhere else for $24.00 under $400.00 value (Delivery in 6 to 10 business days excluding time in customs).

International Duties- Buyers are responsible for duties.
Shipping internationally will go smoothly most of the time. Every so often a package can get stuck in customs please be aware that Jewerly By Johan can’t be held responsible for custom delays. We will do everything in our power to help expedite any issues. Any orders shipping international will need to upgrade to FedEx if the order value is more than $400.00.

If you prefer we do also ship FedEx, if you would like us to ship FedEx select it from the shipping upgrade options during checkout, or please contact us.

If you would like to purchase shipping insurance please view the link below and from the drop down menu please select your order value. The shipping insurance would cover the full cost of the ring in the event it is lost or stolen during transit.

Lost or stolen items in transit must be covered by insurance purchased and paid by you before rings are shipped.

All extra charges has to be paid before the item will be shipped.

Refunds and Exchanges

Jewelry by Johan 1 Year Guarantee

Jewelry by Johan personally Guarantee’s all of our Rings to be free from defects and to be the ring you ordered or we will replace it.

Returns: Our rings are designed and made one at a time, based on specifications provided by you, the “customer”. If for any reason you decide to return your purchase, please do so within 10 days of receipt. Also please be aware that Jewelry by Johan will apply an in store credit to your account and has the right to use that credit at our discretion to repair, remake, replace and ship said ring to satisfy our guarantee to you the customer. The Guarantee is effective for one (1) year from the date you receive your ring, this date remains the effective date of the guarantee.

Return Policy: We are not responsible for acts of god, miss use or abuse while your ring is not in our possession. Returns will only be accepted for IN-STORE-CREDIT as long as the returned merchandise is in normal wear condition, based on how long you have had the ring.

The Wrong Size Ring was Ordered: Jewelry by Johan, out of loyalty, will split the cost of replacing a miss-sized ring if you return the ring to jewelry by Johan. If you ordered the incorrect size, we will issue you a 50% in store credit based on the full value of the ring when purchased. You the customer will be responsible for the remaining 50% of the cost of making you a new different sized ring.

Engraved Rings: Only apply to manufacturer defects to qualify for the return policy.

Meteorite: Jewelry by Johan will provide cleaning and care instructions for meteorite rings. Rusting of meteorite is not covered under this guarantee.

Canceling the Sale: We reserve the right to cancel any sale if we feel that the buyer is unreasonable, 50% will be refunded if the ring has already been made and is still in our possession. You have 3 business days from the date of purchase to cancel your order for a full refund.

Additional Policies and FAQs

Please note that most of our rings are made with a COMFORT FIT unless you request otherwise. We are unable to re-size majority of our rings, so it is vital that we get the sizing correct the first time. We recommend getting sized until at least two reputable jewelers agree on the same size, I highly recommend asking the jeweler to use a caliper or micrometer, because it is more accurate than a ring wand. You can even provide me with the inside diameter in mm. Our sizing is the same as the ISO standard, you can look here for information:

Etsy does not provide an area where I can post a write-up, with pictures, so I decided to provide you with a link to my blog that have pictures and instructions:

I can send you a free set of plastic sizers after you have placed the order. Please write in the messages area at checkout "send free sizers", but these sizers are only 3.5 mm wide and might not be the most accurate way to get sized. They are also not made with a comfort fit.

We encourage that you purchase a sizer for verification, the sizer is refundable if you purchase a ring (minus shipping). If you purchase a sizer along with your custom ring please note that your custom ring will not start production until you confirm your size. Once we receive your size confirmation your custom ring will be scheduled according to the present turn around time of size confirmation.

Any order with a ring size of 13 or above will have a additional fee of $15.00.


Contact me before the time if you want a perfect looking meteorite, it will cost you an additional $300.00 Please purchase it here:

TEXT ENGRAVING SERVICES - Fee is $35 per ring
Please use the following link to purchase the engraving service. Leave a note at checkout with the message and font you would like engraved.

Text Engraving is $35.00 for up to 30 characters.

RING ARMOR Waterproofing Service
Ring Armor is a proprietary product developed by Jewelry by Johan, it is only available from Jewelry by Johan. Any other business selling Ring Armor is selling you an imitation.
Ring Armor is included on all of our wood and/or antler style rings. If you prefer not to have Ring Armor, please leave a note during checkout. However, it is highly recommended.


Titanium, like all jewelry metals, will acquire surface scratches or scuffs through everyday wear. Scratches will be particularly evident in new ring, but as the ring is worn it develop a natural, even satin patina over the entire surface.

Protect your ring by removing it during activities that may subject it to abrasion or hard knocks. We recommend that you not wear any type of ring at the gym, when gardening, playing sports, or at the beach.

Titanium is a very lightweight but durable metal that does have the ability to scratch, which can be buffed out; it can dent but it should not crack, we use 6AL4 Grade 5 Titanium. It is the most commonly used alloy. It has a chemical composition of 6% aluminum, 4% vanadium, 0.25% (maximum) iron, 0.2% (maximum) oxygen, and the remainder titanium. It is significantly stronger than commercially pure titanium while having the same stiffness and thermal properties. Among its many advantages, it is heat treatable. This grade is an excellent combination of strength, corrosion resistance, weld and fabric ability, this is the same Grade of titanium that is used in Biomedical Implants. Most hospitals have the tools necessary to remove a titanium band in an emergency situation therefore there is no need to worry about the removal of a finger in an emergency.

Finishes available in Titanium:
Deep Frost

Tungsten is the 2nd hardest metal and is extremely scratch resistant. However it does have the ability to shatter if it is hit too hard against something or dropped on a hard surface.

The tungsten is composed of tungsten, carbon and nickel. The binder that bonds the tungsten and carbon is nickel.

The ceramic is Hi-Tech Ceramic or Jewelry Grade Ceramic. It is ceramic mixed with carbon to form a lightweight carbide similar to tungsten carbide. However, it is correct in saying that it has no metal. We use it in place of tungsten because it is almost as hard as tungsten carbide making it extremely scratch resistant, but it can be made to be black. Similar to tungsten carbide, ceramic could chip if dropped on a hard surface. It is rare, but it can happen.

Type: Lustrous precious metal, valued for its beauty.
Sterling: .925 sterling silver.
Durability: Pure silver is relatively soft, very malleable, and easily damaged so it is commonly combined with other metals to produce a more durable product. The silver we use consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of alloy.
Color: White.
Finish: Polish, bright and sparkling.

Type: 10 K, 14K or 18K
Consists of: silver, copper, zinc, nicel, palladium and are used to make gold more durable for everyday wear. If you are allergic to nicel ally you may have an allergic reaction to yellow gold. The white gold we use is X1 white gold nickel alloy, it does not require rhodium plating.

Consists of: ruthenium, iridium, platinum. Platinum is hypoallergenic, and will retain white color. However it is susceptible to scratches, just like any other metal.

Consists of: ruthenium, iridium. Palladium is hypoallergenic, and will maintains natural white color, great luster enhances gems, naturally strong metal, lighter than platinum. However it is susceptible to scratches, just like any other metal.


The color of your custom ring containing antler will differ from the listed picture it may vary in color, lightness and/ or darkness.

Different coloration in antlers depends partly on the amount of oxidized blood on the antlers (from velvet shedding) and partly from a chemical reaction between the blood and juices from plants on which the antlers are rubbed. If a buck begins rubbing his antlers before the velvet and blood have completely dried, the blood stains the antler and gives it a darker color. The predominant species of trees in an area also influence the color. Pines allegedly cause darker antlers, likely from bucks rubbing on exposed sap after they break the tree's cambium layer. A buck's genetics may also influence color. Some bucks are predisposed to having lighter or darker antlers, and to rub more or fewer trees. A buck's age can play a role as older bucks tend to rub more than younger animals. Finally, the time of year can also influence color as antlers generally lighten over time due to the bleaching effect of moisture, sunlight and extreme winter conditions. Because the ring inlay it is made from a natural product, the color of your ring will vary from the one pictured however we will do our best to match the listed image.

Please contact us for the minimum size that we would need.

Remember that the beauty of wood is its natural variation. Even two pieces of the same species of wood can vary in its natural color/lightness/darkness, effecting the final perception. Each piece of wood from the same species have the same patterns in them typically, unfortunately we can't really control the exact color of wood as it is an organic material, however we will do our best to match the listed image.

If you would like to select a different wood, than on the listing that you are purchasing. Please use the following link to view the available wood choices:
Click on the :Wood Species Example List
Please narrow down your wood choices to 3 favorites and let us know what they are, during checkout. We need this information no later than three days after your purchased date.

Once we have received your choices we will send you photos of that species of wood that we currently have in stock for you to choose from, please note that this could be up to a couple of weeks before starting your ring.

If the wood doesn't have ring armor applied the wood isn't that durable, and it will have the potential of swelling, drying out then possibly cracking. For a raw piece of wood, one would need to look at the Janka Hardness test for the specific wood type

The Ring Armor Service is very durable and will protect the wood from water, UV rays, nicks and scratches. Please read more about it here:

The nature of untreated wood is such that it will break down with enough exposure to water. It is recommend you avoid getting your untreated wood rings wet. Moisture may cause the wood to expand and contract, and eventually cause your wood to crack.

Wood Maintenance for a ring without RING ARMOR:
If your ring is not coated with our Ring Armor, we recommend not getting it wet. You can treat the wood with linseed oil as often as you feel necessary, to help prevent the wood from drying out and possibly cracking and it will also help repel water which will cause the wood to swell.

The wood needs to be dry, at least 1.5” in diameter and 3” long. Please include a note with your Etsy user id and order # in the package and ship to the following address:

Distinctly Johan
592 Hayward Avenue North
Oakdale, MN 55128

I can use your wood as long as it meets the following criteria:
1. It has a minimum diameter of 1.5" with minimum length of 3"
2. It is dry
3. Free of checks and cracks.

These Woods are Exotic and if you choose any of the following, please note that they are an extra charge:
Ironwood (Burl)
Rosewood(Honduran Burl)

Dinosaur Bone is actually called a Gembone and has been described as the most rare and most beautiful fossils in the world "Simply defined, a gembone is the fossil of an animal bone that contains gem quality minerals. Gembone is also commonly referred to as mineralized dinosaur bone, silicified dinosaur bone and agatized fossil".

Unfortunately we do not know what species of dinosaur the dinosaur bone comes from. The dinosaur bone used in all our rings come from the Morrison Formation in Utah which spans 600,000 square miles making it the largest and most fertile source of dinosaur fossil in North America.

We will send you our available colors for you to pick from the month before your ring is due to be shipped. If you have a preferred color, please mention it during checkout and we will do our best to find a gembone that has that color.

Dinosaur bone is very rare; it is an agatized stone, the color is determined by the combination of minerals present when the fossilized bone formed; that’s what makes each piece so unique and beautiful. That is why our stock is always changing, as we use what we have and then have to buy more when we start to run out, however we are not always sure what the color will be of the new piece till we cut into the gembone. Once we run out of a color that we currently have or had, the changes of us getting the same color is unlikely.

Acids: Avoid
Solvents: Resistant
Soap: OK
Avoid contact with other gems and polishing agents.

Take care not to hit it against a hard surface, it could chip or break like any other stone. Also we do recommend to take the ring off when you wash your hands, shower, swim etc., especially if the ring also has meteorite or wood inlays without ring armor.

Meteorite is an iron based material and does have the potential to rust. However it should not chip, crack or break. It does however have the potential to scratch or dent like any other material. If you would like your ring to stay nice looking, don’t abuse your jewelry, treat it like you would any other fine jewelry, don’t wear while doing intense activities that would be hard on your hands (yard work, construction, automotive repair, ect). The etch pattern of your meteorite ring may be less sharp, over time. If this occurs, the ring can be re-etched.

Meteorites do contain some nickel therefore if you have a nickel allergy please be aware that this could cause an allergic reaction if it is placed directly against the skin.

Under NO circumstances can I be held responsible if your meteorite rusts when it has left my possession. Why? I have no control over how it is handled once it has left my possession. All meteorite rings leave my possession rust free. If it starts to rust once in your possession then I cannot be held responsible.

Meteorites are almost never "perfect". Please expect that there might be small imperfections/marks/inclusions visible in the meteorite, these natural inclusions in the Meteorite these are called Troilite they are just like having a knot in wood, making each piece unique. Meteorites are formed as they travel through space and millions of years later they may land on earth. IF YOU PREFER A PERFECT METEORITE, please purchase it here:

METEORITE CARE (without rustproofing):
If your meteorite starts rusting then you may have exposed it to an acid. Acid triggers rusting.
Care must be taken to keep meteorite away from chemicals (chlorine, bleach, swimming pools, etc.) especially anything with an acid in it.

Read more about Meteorite care here:

Materials Needed:
1 Old Toothbrush
90% Rubbing Alcohol
1 Small cup
Paper Towels
Gun Oil (Optional)
Step 1: Apply small amount of toothpaste to the Toothbrush, and scrub the meteorite gently. Rinse off the toothpaste with water. Repeat if necessary.
Step 2: Place the ring in the small cup and fully submerge with the Alcohol, and allow to soak for 30 minutes.
Step 3: Remove the ring from the alcohol and dab dry with a paper towel, allow to air dry for at least 15-20 minutes.
Step 4: Our iron meteorite rings can be lightly coated with gun oil, as this will help repel water and potential rusting.

NEW!! - METEORITE - RING Rust Proofing Service - $39.00
Please use the following link to purchase the Rust Proofing:

Rust Proofing Instructions:
1. Wipe ring clean with Isopropyl alcohol, removing any dirt and oils.
2. Soak the ring for at least an hour in the alcohol, to remove the moisture or unseen dirt’s or oils.
3. Remove from alcohol, allow to dry. Avoid touching the meteorite with bare hands as it may leave oil on the meteorite.
4. Spray the meteorite with a light spray, allow to dry and then rub off the excess overspray that is on the titanium with a soft cloth.
5. You can also tape of the areas with masking tape that is not meteorite.

The product can be ordered from me at $39.00 per bottle, shipping excluded. Shipping has to be via UPS. I charge exact shipping costs. Send me your zip code to calculate UPS costs.
I DO NOT ship Rust Proofing internationally.

Meteorite rings can be re-etched at any time. Etching is sometimes the only way to remove rusting.

Once Meteorite Rings/Items are no longer in my possession I will/can not be held responsible if/when it/they get damaged/break/chip if the problem/damage is not reported within 24 hours of receiving the Meteorite, calculated from the date and time on the Delivery notice.

Gibeon is a meteorite that fell in prehistoric times in Namibia. It was named after the nearest town: Gibeon, Namibia. The term Gibeon encompasses the whole meteoritic material fallen from the sky during this fall. This material is classified as iron meteorite belonging to the chemical group IVA. Gibeon meteorites are composed of an iron-nickel alloy containing significant amounts of cobalt and phosphorus. The crystal structure of this meteorite provides a classic example of fine octahedrite and the Widmanstatten pattern is appreciated for its beauty both by collectors and designers of jewelry

Please contact us for more information.

We would need the granite to be at least 1.5"x1.5" in length and diameter, and at the thinnest part 3" to 5" thick. Without any cracks, or breaks in the granite.

In some cases, Copper and Silver Mokume Gane can cause an allergic reaction if placed directly on the skin. Please be aware of this when you purchase a ring that has this material as the entire band or the inner sleeve.

Similar to the Dinobone all petrified woods are different in color, we will send you samples of what we currently have in stock for you to approve for use in your ring. We do not have the same colors as what is shown in the listing, and there is no way for us to control the color variations.

We only purchase our materials through well respected suppliers who state they are ethically sourced. If it were brought to our attention that our supplier is not abiding by this, we would no longer do business with them.

We can place a stone in a bezel setting in the following materials:
Any precious metals, Titanium, Damascus, Stainless, Copper Silver Mokume, Composites, Woods, Antler, Star Dust and Meteorite.

We can place a prong setting into non-lapidary rings that have the base (inner band) a metal.

Tension and Flush set rings will not leave my studio unless it has passed all my tests preventing the stone from falling out. If you are concerned please don't use an expensive stone.

If you send us your ring and ask us to remove the stone then you must accept that the ring will be damaged/cut so that the stone can be removed.

We accept NO responsibility for any stone or one supplied by you for setting in a ring if lost or damaged at any time.

Once it has left our premises it has to be insured by your own insurance, paid by you. No claim can be made against us if the stone is lost/damaged by whatever means or reason, at any time.

Please do NOT send me a stone or ring/s with stone if you do NOT accept the above-mentioned about stones sent to me!!.

The interchangeable ring consists of two titanium parts that keep the inlay securely between it, forming a single solid NON-COMFIT fit ring, but also comes apart very easily when you’re changing the inlay.

Take a look at this listing In the description it gives an explanation of the Interchangeable Rings with pictures.

Jewelry by Johan Interchangeable Ring Instructions:
. Lightly grip metal rims of the ring.
. Twist ring apart (counterclockwise) making sure not to squeeze the rims or inlays too tightly.
. Remove inlay(s) from ring . Lightly wipe wood inlay(s) with Linseed oil to clean and preserve.
. Clean ring, without inlay(s),with a small amount of dish soap and warm water using a toothbrush making sure to clean the threads of debris.
. Allow ring to dry before reassembling. Hair dryer(METAL ONLY) accelerates the process.
. Place Inlay(s), starting with the smallest, onto Part B (Threaded on the inside).
. Lightly insert Part A (Threaded on the outside) into Part B.
. Twist as if unscrewing applying a little pressure. When you feel the threads line up with a click, reverse direction and screw the ring together making sure to not to over tighten.

ANOTHER METHOD to Unscrew Interchangeable ring.
Insert your right hand index finger into the ring so that the seam points towards the end of your finger, push it on so that it is on firmly, not too tight.
With your left hand grip the outside metal part of the ring, the side nearest to the end of your index finger.
While holding the ring with your left hand, twist your index finger anti-clock wise, the one inside the ring, anti-clock wise, it should come undone.
If it does not want to come apart, take the ring off your finger, turn it around and repeat the instructions again.
If it does not come apart then you might not have an Interchangeable ring, contact me so I can check the documents what you have.


Please don't purchase from Jewelrybyjohan if you don't accept all and everything mentioned in my Policy.

Jewelrybyjohan reserves the right to revise any and all policies deemed necessary without prior notice.

Seller Information

Johan Rust
553 Hayward Avenue North Suite 200
Oakdale, MN 55128
support [!at]
Studio: (651) 340-4565


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