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Leather cords, Deerskin laces, braided Bolo, gemstone large hole beads, cord end caps, ribbon crimps, Sterling Silver charm pendants, Natural Turquoise, totems, focal pendant beads, jewelry findings, vessel bottles, leather accessories and more are just some of the high quality items you'll find in my shop.
Please come in and browse all you like.
Also check out my sister shop "" to see some of my handmade designs.
USPS.... As of 21/26/2015 USPS is cutting back on first class service, which means 1st class packages might arrive slower. I ship most packages 1st class to keep your shipping costs down. I am considering making priority mail a regular option, but before I do so I need to gather more info as to what this all is really going to mean. In the mean time please keep this shipping slow down in mind when purchasing and purchase enough in advance to recieve your items when you need them. There is nothing I or any other seller can do to make the PO deliver any faster.

As of 9/10/2014 Etsy has made changes to shipping. You will no longer see my secondary shipping until you put your selected items into your cart. Each item will have the first shipping listed as the price for shipping that item, when in fact if you are buying multiples items, each one after the first will be much less than the shipping price quoted in the listing.

Please see away message bottom of page..

Note: Please read descriptions well, if you are not sure of the size or have questions please contact me before buying.

It is best if you contact me through Etsy's convo system as I will be able to respond quicker as I am in my shop a lot. If you chose to email please email me at thejewelcat. [!at]

I carry a wide selection of large hole beads, this does not mean however, that all my beads are big hole. Big hole beads will be listed in my large hole bead section and will state that they are big hole beads, and will give the hole size. If they don't state the size of the hole then they are regular hole beads meant for use with metal wires or beading wire.
Pictures can not accurately show hole or item size, this is why it is important to read the listings carefully or contact me with questions.
Big hole beads are not the norm, they are more of a specialty item.
Small beads such as 2,3,4 mm will be much to small to have a big hole, 5 and 6 mm rare, 8 mm and up more possible. If it does not say large or big hole beads or in some other way suggest that they will fit over cords or laces, then they are not big hole.
My big hole beads are approx 2.5 mm - 4 mm. they are not huge hole beads like Pandora beads. My big hole beads are meant to fit comfortably on 2-4 mm leather.

Orders that need to be cancelled due to buyers not reading the listing, change of mind, wrong address, asking in notes to seller for a unreasonable delivery date or special requests that have not been discussed with me before you purchase will be subject to a .30 transaction fee. I do not recieve this transaction fee back from Pay Pal when a purchase is refunded.

Feedback Changes
ETSY has recently replaced its existing Feedback system with a ‘Review’ option based on a star rating. Buyers have a certain time frame in which they are able to leave a review, and now ETSY will send out “reminders” if a review has not been left. I consider reminders of this nature to be intrusive and want to let you know that any reminder emails are not coming from me or my shop. I hate being nagged just as much as you do! Please accept my deepest thanks for any positive feedback you choose to leave.

ETSY no longer allows sellers to leave feedback for buyers. I also am very sad about this. Expressing gratitude for your custom and support is something I really loved and I am sorry it has been taken away.

AWAY MESSAGE: 2/4/2016 I will be away from my shop for a few days. I will begin to process orders and answer convo's when I get back On Sunday 20/7/2016.
A heads Up:
Many of you are used to me being around almost all the time but there are times I need to take a day or two off. My shop will stay open on those days so you may shop if you like.. If I am going to be away for the day or longer, I will post it in this announcement above this paragraph after "A heads up" so you will know. Convos will be answered and orders processed when I return in the order they were received..Thanks for understanding and for shopping at Jewelry Cat Supplies.

Please see my Policies for more information.