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I love making pressed paper items but also will make any clay items requested. I take credit cards and paypal for you convenience and will fill most orders witin a short period of time for you. Remember the clay is easy to sand or drill holes in and the finish can be glossy or flat depending on your instructions. Be sure to let me know what kind of a finish you want when you order. Unfinished items can be painted or inked very nicely!! Glossy items are not really able to be painted or inked very well as they repel the colors due to the shine. This is a biodegradable clay that will break down with the elements and disolve, it is not plastic nor is it totally waterproof. Water resistant yes but not waterproof.
Hope this little message helps in the use of the clay items. Water is its enemy but varnish is its friend!! If you have any questions email ASAP with them.
Thanks Shan

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