jinshanghai's Shop Announcement

Ni Hao!(hello!)
Our vintage porcelain collections are the original designs in 1970s and 1980s from China.

They were produced for export purpose.
The factories used their best materials and best craftsmen for these porcelains.
It is said they used some best pigment in history which is no longer available.
They hand-painted patterns, flowers, butterflies, birds,
which today, no worker is willing to paint anymore for this low salary.
In 1998, All these factories were shut down.

Our collections are directly from the deserted warehouses of these old factories.
We picked them each piece by each piece from huge stacks of broken porcelains.
They are old, dirty, with defects (quality standard was different at that time than now).
They are beautiful, made with great passion, and will NEVER be produced again.

We share them with those who apprieciate their true and unique value.
We share them with you.
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