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Stumbling to Art

I never thought I was an artist.

Then, seven years ago, after an emergency surgery reminded me how fleeting and impermanent life is, I began keeping visual journals.

This has evolved into a thriving career writing, creating, and teaching creative thinking, art journaling, and bookbinding. I've been published in several US and international magazines, a few books, and online.

I then wanted to share my work online, in a way that was more than pictures on a blog. I opened my shop to sell prints, journal supplies, kits, and more.

And then I stumbled and fell, and had to close up shop again. I made mistakes. I wasn't the best businesswoman.

But I'm not a quitter. I own my mistakes and get back up to do better. I hope you find something you love and give me the chance to help and inspire your life.

I survive several disabilities (I'm a spoonie!) and create art from a place of struggle, tiny victories, simple days, and a growing voice.
samantha kira hadring
owner, designer, maker, creative warrior
Samie is a pink-haired creative warrior and artistic wanderer. She blogs at

Published in several international and US magazines, Samie expresses herself with her authentic voice.

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