joycesart's Shop Announcement

Hi there, I have found enjoyment and fulfillment through art since the age of eight, when my brother taught me how to sketch. I drew horses everyday for 2 years after that.
Soon after moving to California I began studying and painting in the style of modern fantasy, cubism and abstract painting for over 20 years. My goal has always been to improve my skills, and create new and interesting subjects and designs to hopefully share with the world.
My favorite medium is painting with acrylics, I'll even use acrylics for water color paintings by thinning the paint. I've developed a unique application of color along with
the usage of angles, the blending and gradation of color to help add texture, warmth highlighting, and radiance to my paintings.
One art gallery owner once said to me. " Your choice and usage of colors can be considered your signature" I've always been drawn to using spirited hues, colors that bring a smile to one's inner soul and beauty to their life.
I hope I can add a little more beauty into the lives of many more art lovers.

Thank you for visiting my gallery of art.
Joyce Aaron