JOYSAPHINE's Shop Announcement

Hi there, I have a love for dolls., It doesnt matter how old you get, it doesnt stop you loving having things in miniature. And that is what a doll is - a mini version of a person.

A while ago, I discovered the Blythe, Pullip, Tangkou, J-Jun dolls, and that was it. Hooked. Add to them the Bratz, Ever after high, Monster high - and Barbie no longer got a look in. All I wanted to do was to create beautiful clothes for these gorgeous (and expensive) dolls.
So I thought that if the dolls were quite expensive - then they deserved beautiful hand crafted clothing, stitched, knitted, crocheted etc - but beautiful. Made with beautiful fabrics, laces and embellishments.

Every item of clothing I have made or will make will be a OOAK. It will never be repeated. Every item will be totally unique.

Some of the knitting patterns I use are by These patterns I used as base patterns and altered to make a difference, make THEM unique in my own special way.

The crochet patterns are my own. I have designed and made the pattern and then the item. When I get round to it - I will make pdf's of my patterns and put them up to sell also, but to start, it is the clothing itself I will be selling.

I also have quite a few dolls that I have knitted and crocheted for sale too. All these will be going on here with their own write up.

None of my items are for children under the age of 3 (dolls) and as for the clothing, most owners of these dolls are a bit older and so the clothing is for that age group to granny (Teen to Nan!)

All are made in a smoke free enviroment and made with so much love and patience and caring. For I do love my dolls and working in miniature is something that I relish doing. So I hope that you enjoy my work also
Thank you