joystarstudio's Shop Announcement

As a life long crafter I have always enjoyed taking commonly available materials and creating something that is uncommon. I enjoy working with materials that are less than perfect and transforming them into something extraordinary.

Line, texture, and form are important elements of my work, but color is the common thread, through the embroidery, tapestry crochet, floral design, paintings, and bead work that is my current passion.

My avatar, the Eight Point Morningstar is a symbol found in architecture, art, and textiles through out time and cultures around the world. Its meanings include: Unity, Abundance, Rebirth, Karmic Law and Karmic Balance. My art is a meditation of creation and my meditation is a unification of skills learned in a lifetime of crafting.


I use materials that represent the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water to create 3-D seascape mandalas. Each piece is as individual as the materials it is made from, and represent to me: creation, transformation, and protection.

May it bring as much peace to your life as its creation has brought to mine.

Thanks for Looking.