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I hope you enjoy my handmade, one of a kind, organic modern ceramic sculptural pottery objects.

I invite the you to join in the creative process by curating an original ceramic still life. Whether you start with a pouch of pods and pebbles, a series of small forms or a single large vessel, a collection begins.

Over time, I encourage the evolution of these collections as new pieces are presented and incorporated. This unspoken exchange between artist and collector inspires me to continue to create.

I am influenced by the beauty of shapes and textures that I observe in nature.
When I create, I choose to re-imagine, not replicate, these memories.
Coastal artifacts, woodland finds, or lush flora enhance my exploration in the studio.

I wheel throw and hand build, altering and finessing each stoneware form.
I deeply carve, intensely texture, discreetly glaze and delicately melt glass.
The glass pools, drips, and crackles as liquid frozen in time.
As each piece emerges, whether intricate or simple, it feels new, yet decidedly familiar.

Beyond the individual sculptural object, I am interested in how the pieces relate in groups, one to another and to the collector.

I am a collector. You are likely a collector too. It is our human nature. From the leaves we pocketed as young children to the art on our walls, we collect. I look forward to seeing how you incorporate these particular pieces into your personal space.

Because the pieces are handmade, they are all considered "one of a kind" .
These modern sculptural ceramics and pottery objects are ALL created WITHOUT the use of molds or slipcasting!!!
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